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2010 WC : Match Reports
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Humiliationf for India, finishes 8th (3/12/2010)
-s2h team
Argentina hands down a humiliating 2-4 defeat to the hosts in the 7th place decider. Crowd and right...
KL and Monchengladbach to Delhi, power remains the (3/11/2010)
-K. Arumugam
KL and Monchengladbach to Delhi, power remains the same

It’s repeat final of Monchengladbach...

Its irony, Pakistan finishes last (3/11/2010)
-K. Arumugam
Its irony, Pakistan finishes last

Many years ago in the same stadium Pakistan reigned supreme ...

Pau Quemada scored the World Cup’s 2000th goal (3/10/2010)
-K. Arumugam
Pau Quemada scored the World Cup’s 2000th goal.

Spain’s striker Pau Quemada may not be aware ...

Semifinalists spotted, no Asian Challenge (3/9/2010)
-K. Arumugam
The semifinalists are here. The Netherlands will land against Australia while Germany take on Englan...
Draw against SA gives India space for 7th place (3/8/2010)
-K. Arumugam
Draw against SA gives India space at 7th place decider

India survived numerous forays of South...

India-South Africa in historical perspective (3/8/2010)
-K. Arumugam
When apartheid was lifted in 1993, it was India that hosted South Africa's crcket team. Our cricket ...
Day 8: Germ-Neth draw, Arg and Korea merry (3/7/2010)
-s2h Team
As often occurred in the pool matches of major tournaments, Germany and Netherlands enacted another ...
Englis summer in Delhi, SA and Australia other win (3/6/2010)
-K. Arumugam
England exhibited superb scoring skills and then a cool and collected temperament when things went a...
Sporting Rivalry between India and England hockey (3/6/2010)
-K. Arumugam
Sports without rivalry is food without salt. Hockey, despite being a lone, virtual amateur paradise,...
Day 6: Neth dt Canada, NZ & Germany winners (3/5/2010)
-K. Arumugam
Germany, New Zealand and Netherlands post wins on Day 6.

Netherlands notched up another strai...

Europe's gift to Asia, 5-2 for India and Pak (3/4/2010)
-K.. Arumugam
Europes's gift to Asia, 5-2 for India-Pak

Precise European outfits England and Spain showed...

England defeat Pakistan 5-2 (3/4/2010)
-s2h Team
England outwits fighting Pakistan in the cirlce, and posts what looks like a cakewalk score of 5-2. ...
Records are galore; Australia mauls Africa 12-0 (3/4/2010)
-K. Arumugam
Records are galore; Australia mauls Africa 12-0

Record books are in demand, as Australians go ...

India-Spain Preview: (3/4/2010)
-K. Arumugam
After Spaniard Jose Brasa took over the coaching reigns, his team India’s first International tour t...
Referral comes to the rescue of Koreans (3/3/2010)
-s2h Team
Thanks to a timely referral, South Korea obtained full points in the tight match against the Pan Ame...
It's Australia's redemption night (3/2/2010)
-G. Rajaraman
India pays the price for running into resilient Australia

You could have predicted the Austra...

WC update: Aus 5 India 2 at 65th min (3/2/2010)
-s2h Team
India trails by 5-2 at 44th minute, as Australia punched a brace early in the second half, convertin...
Pakistan takes three points against Spain (3/2/2010)
-s2h Team
Pakistan showed glimpses of vintage stuff and scoring prowess to snatch three points in their second...
Goals rains in the 500th Match (3/2/2010)
-K. Arumugam
Ten goals marked the 500th match (from 1971 to now)of the World Cup. England, showing symptons of re...
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