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Belated Diary I: Teething problems (5/30/2008)
After a month of hectic hockey journalism, I sit in peace this week. What a month I had recently –...
Ashwini Kumar Advises (4/14/2008)
-K. Arumugam
I was undergoing an operation in Mumbai when I learnt Indian hockey’s ouster from the Beijing Olympi...
Carvalho, Invite Ric, Go Gracefully (3/14/2008)
-K. Arumugam
Carvalo informed the whole world of his resignation. It was in the fitness of things as he felt that...
For heavens sake, don’t blame the umpires (3/13/2008)
-K. Arumugam
Indian team was nervous at the Chile Olympic Qualifier and lacked in the measure of mental toughness...
Whatever the outcome, Carvalho will be accountable (3/2/2008)
-K. Arumugam
He may turn out to be our hero. Or, could well be our villain. March 9 is judgement day for national...
Let us standardise hockey statistics. (10/27/2004)
-K. Arumugam
It's quite unusual. Not much heard of in hockey world. A a statistical high point hogged the limel...
10 Reasons why Gill should resign (9/13/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Under the Indian Hockey Federation chief KPS Gills' 'wisdom' and will, India flopped in 3 Olympics,...
You Can Do It -- Part III (8/13/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Mind & body, to me, is fitness and attitude. Mutual respect, in the sporting context, is encourag...
You Can Do It -- Part II (8/11/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Olympics. The most successful event anywhere in the peace time history of mankind. Any second opinio...
You Can Do it -- Part I (8/9/2004)
-K. Arumugam
New Delhi: August 8, 2004: “The Olympic Games are unique. There are of course myriad reasons: from t...
Is Third Eye the Solution? (3/12/2004)
-K. Arumugam
March 2004: "It's a mistake", says Nick Irvine. "No. Big mistake", asserts and corrects Charlesworth...
Insulting Dhanraj is Insulting Indian Hockey (2/28/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Dhanraj Pillay has been advised by the Indian Hockey Federation to tactically announce withdrawal fr...
Interesting Pool A composition (2/29/2004)
-K. Arumugam
29.2.2004: Prospects and projections apart, Madrid Olympic Qualifier throws some interesting things....
Those Who Killed Hockey (3/23/2003)
-K.. Arumugam
New Delhi: 23rd March, 2003:

It’s the likes of Phil Appleyards who killed hockey in India.


Acclaim for Editor from Across the Shores (2/20/2004)
-s2h Team

WITH six books and a hockey website to his name, Indian freelance spo...

When Hockey Suffered because of Terrorism (9/16/2001)
-K. Aarumugam


Editorial Archieves -II (2/21/2001)
Is affluence a measure of influence?

How far the world's most affluent hockey body influential ...

Editorials Archieve I (2/21/2000)
-K. Arumugam
Come on Hockey

Not long ago this has been the scenario. All other Indian sports were failin...

Editorials Archieve (2/21/2000)
-K. Arumugam
Come on Hockey

Not long ago this has been the scenario. All other Indian sports were failin...

Surajlata and Dhanraj Brand Ambassadors (2/19/2004)
-K. Arumugam
That the hockey’s profile in India is on increase is no news. What is the news now is women, fo...
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