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Patrick Rowley
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Column 7: “One of the best Olympic finals ever” (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
The question at the Athens Olympics was always going to be who could beat the Netherlands both in t...
Column 6: Australians produced an amazing display (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
Injuries and tiredness have taken a huge toll in Athens. India are not the only team to have suffere...
Column 5: One Continent’s Lion’s Share (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
Everything seems to be static in field hockey. The list of semifinalists at Athens prove that. Thr...
Column 4: Asian Rivals have been overtaken (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
So it's India v Pakistan. Much as everyone in Asia would have wished it were for a place in the fina...
Column 3: Another nightmare (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
"A nightmare happened there", were the first words of Gerhard Rach, India's German coach, as he fac...
Column 2; Round One to Europe (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
You could say round one to Europe except, of course, Europeans are now coaching the Asian giants. <...
Column 1: The Moment of Truth (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
I have been wondering what sort of a man dared to be India's first foreign coach. I had my answer ye...
Showing 1-7
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