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2008 OQ: Chile Qualifier
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--s2h team
It is a strange country. Whenever Indian coaches worked hard and brought laurels, they were kicked out. These things created public outcry still the likes of KPS Gill did not bother.

So, Rajinder Singh Sr., (Junior World Cup, full pledged Asia Cup Gold) and MK Kaushik (Asian Games gold) are not in the news, deciding the destiny of hockey, but ruing it.

On the other hand, now a coach, who promised so much and delivered little, and took all his friends under guise of advisors and managers, go scot free. And walks keeping his head so high.

He was supposed to run for cover – this would have been the case in any other country, like many IHF top guns who does not attend anybody’s phone in the last one week. But the shameless fellow is contacting all the world, including the media, and is planting stories and spreading a canard. Very tactfully, he plays the patriotism card.

In order to save his skin, the same Joquim Carvalho is finding fault with Richard Charlesworth, whom he never allowed, even used abusive language but now presents in the front of public, and tries to make an image out of him. He might gain some mileage here and there, but public and the hockey world in general are not so uninformed.

Just because a dog bark at it, a tree won’t suffer. Just because the joker Joaquim won the heart of KPS Gill, it does not mean he can fool around everyone. This forum in the coming days seek to expose real Joaquim, unravel his past, present his lies and everything that goes with this shameless soul.

Note: Anybody who has interest in the subject, pro or anti, can send their views to

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