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2008 OQ: Chile Qualifier
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Carvalho, Invite Ric, Go Gracefully (3/14/2008)
--K. Arumugam
Carvalo informed the whole world of his resignation. It was in the fitness of things as he felt that he has failed to deliver, which is also true. His gesture, and its timing, was welcomed by one and all. Now, it seems he is ready to reconsider, as Gill defies the nation’s mood and to continue him.

In case Carvalho is going to be replaced by another incompetent one from the unendling list of Olympians, we can still feel ok Carvalho stay, kya farukh padhta hai.

But if he continues in the coaching, whom he will be blocking? Richard Charlesworth, the ambassador of FIH and IOC, the world’s best material who comes almost free of cost to us.

We need FIH, IOC and their guest expert Charlesworth more than they need us. We are certainly a hockey nation, but never contributed to its global growth -- marketing wise, talent wise in many decades. Therefore, let us not play to our egos and start feeling these global organizations need us.

There is no doubt first step in the rebuilding process should be a correct one. And that is giving Charlesworth what is due.

Certainly, Carvalho over-estimated his competency due to false victories. Still, the nation has given him enough. Asia Cup victory has not been properly understood by him. This was the diluted Asia Cup, held for the first time bi-annully, and World Cup qualification was also not there. Still, a hyped up media got him enough rewards, even more than what the 1998 Asian Games gold medalist have got. Therefore, Carvalho should be grateful to the country and be honest in his feeling, not seek in self-interest and, opportunism. Again, we don’t want a bronze at the Azlan Shah Cup, but honour at the FIH tournaments.

Carvalho, a decent player in his times, and an Arjuna awardee therefore can understand the nation’s mood, his shortcomings as a coach, and further not come in the effective way of hockey rebuilding.

Gill is totally defensive, lost his balance and keeps only his personal ego in the front. He does not want World Cup, does not want Charlewworth, does not need FIH, and so many things. But India need all of them.

What he wants is his chair which, except negative publicity, gave him nothing.

He seeks company of losers, and he finds in you a good one in that sense.

But, as a sportsman, Carvalho should stick to his words.

And also, there is a perfect opportunity for Carvalho to show his sportsmanship to the whole world. That is, come forward and invite Charlesworth for taking up Indian hockey training.

This one show of your magnanimity can bring lot of positivism into our hockey.

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