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2008 OQ: Chile Qualifier
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Carvalho: 'Criticize on Technical Matters' (4/7/2008)
--K. Arumugam
I was informed by my friends that I have been accused by of reason behind the closure of Mahindra hockey Team and also not returning some money to one of my colleagues, Clarence Lobo.

At the outset, I am shocked of these accusations, and I feel these are rubbish. I think the accusations are a bit personal. This is not done. I am ready to accept criticism on my coaching and other technical things and personal accusations should be avoided in the best interest of sports of which I and the editor of the site are equally wedded to.

I am not such a big man an institution’s team would be disbanded because of me. In fact, I resigned on my own from the Mahindra team, it is my career decision. I need not to explain to anybody why have I taken that decision. May be I had a better prospects at that point of time. The disbanding the Mahindra team was a policy decision of the Mahindra's management which, accordingly to me, wanted to focus only on football. Like hockey, tennis and badminton also faced their axe.

I was the manager and Clarence Lobo the coach for the Maratha Warriors inthe first Premier Hockey League. We stayed together. It is not that I have taken money from him. The fact was that we both shared some expenses together and yes that money has to come from the coffers of Bombay Hockey Association. The expenses I mean pertain to team’s interest like purchasing fruits, snacks etc. My account on the said PHL is under dispute with the BHA, and as such I cannot alone be blamed for anything. Probably Kher Singh, Secretary of BHA, is telling all these lies. He also tried to go to court, and has been in the habit of quoting various amounts (that I owe him) from Rs.10,000 to 1.35lac! is a website that counts among the hockey fraternity, therefore I wish only facts are presented.

Editor’s note: Thank you Mr. Carvalho. However, our write ups are based on observations over a period of time as the events unfolded, and not collected now. Therefore, sticks to whatever it has said on these matters.

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