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Govt. blows the FIH sponsored Hockey India Fraud (8/5/2010)
--K. Arumugam
Government stops the FIH sponsored Hockey India Fraud

Indian hockey’s only guardian, the government of India – which is a proven historical fact – has stepped into save Indian hockey.

The fraudulently formed Hockey India -- and secretly recognized by the FIH which trumpets on global governance – has been de-recognized by the government of India.

The decision, much delayed but very much welcomed, comes as a relief to million hearts which had to undergo the pain of knowing a triple Olympian losing the contest to a lady who should be chanting bhajans in place of worship or will be living in old age home if was born in some western countries.

The extent of fraud is such that the 83-old did not even turn up for election, yet gets double the votes compared to the acclaimed player did.

After perhaps purchasing the FIH for its illegal designs, the Hockey India has gone to the extent of telling the government that it is a private body and won’t follow the government guidelines which are in essence nothing but basic principles of good governance.

What an audacity, what a temerity, what a callousness! These buggers cannot even purchase a set of shoes for the Indian team on their own resources.

India is the name that is the property of the government. Hockey is the name that is property of public.

Therefore, the fraud called Hockey India, which behaves like a private entity, has no moral propriety to use either the word Hockey or India.

The FIH has to ask itself – when the Confederation is acceptable for Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries why not for India. I support those who suspect the very intentions of the FIH. Does it have any ugly designs in mind not to see the reason?

I quote one example. Our Government says a retired judge should be the returning officer of the election. The utterly unacceptable gentleman van Ondorzo gives a certificate to his brain child Hockey India that their choice of a discarded bureaucrat is ideal for the same!

This is height of nonsense ever practiced by a FIH official that I saw in my long association with hockey sport being managed.

In India, the infrastructure belongs to government of India. It’s the government that treats hopelessly governed sport like hockey a priority sports and spends millions to retrieve its past pride. Today, anybody who is invited for the camp can fly at government cost, each day other than providing best of facilities and food in the camp the players get allowance as well.

If India has a great stadium in Delhi, and the complex has three turfs and two floodlights, besides another stadium, its all because of government.

Hockey India, just to keep one or two people to enjoy the perks of the office, has really gone mad not to see the reality.

Its time now for the FIH to stop extending patronage to Hockey India fraud.

These selfish elements fired all cylinders till now from the shoulders of the FIH.

They will do more even now, with the ferocity with which a drowning person would do.

Now that the government has taken off the recognition, the FIH should realize its folly.

I really fear of FIH dignitary Ondorzo. (Why can’t he improve Venezuela’s hockey with equal sprit and love which he shows towards Hockey India).

If he again comes to India to save Hockey India I fear he might have to face legal hurdles from government because he would be seen to working against the government.

We are happy on the new rule that Ondorzo cannot enter India for another six months, time required before second visa is issued.

He is certainly anti-Indian who declared in the national television that the FIH won’t give patronage to ‘present set of players during the World Cup’. Whatever the context, whatever the provocation, he said so is a fact.

As of now, we appreciate the government that comes to the rescue of hockey.

The country’s support is with all the souls who seek to save hockey, and it is now the Sports Ministry.

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some more cout cases?
by Ram Ratan on 8/6/2010 10:07:15 AM
now i expect more and more court cases. agreed, can't govt force them to accept? is govt less powerful, i don't know. but hockey ind is a bluff it should be called as such. let us wait, must be good reprieve for pargat
by HARSIMRAN SINGH GILL on 8/6/2010 12:44:02 AM
thank u Mr editor, for a good review. i indeed thank GOI, and Mr MS Gill, who is holding bull by the tull. Mrs stokes , pl leave hockey for ur grnd children.... they are capable of handling it. but , what is done is done. now lets cross our fingers again and see what happens next. God bless Hockey...... many hearts are associated with it