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HI president Vidya Stokes resigns (10/27/2010)
--K. Arumugam
On the final day of the CWG Hockey, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was taken to the finalists teams for introduction. The both teams lined up in a semi-circle and at the one end of it, which is close to the press box, was Mrs. Stokes.

The simpleton Prime Minister who extended his arm to everybody there including Ajit Pal and Zafar Iqbal, who were next to Mrs. Stokes, did not extend the same courtesy to her. Instead, withdrawing her hand, she had to resort to her own folded hands namaste.

As it happened at the press end, I was vivid to the incident, which reminds me in the context of her resignation. Was he displeased at Hockey faring so badly (0-8 that day for India) or was it just incidental, one never knows.

Even it is not sure her resiganation today has anything to do with it. But it is a great relief at least.

The famous rubber stamp of Indian hockey, has at last forced to resign. Known for her hungry to clung to seat, she would have never resigned on her own, but for party's instruction.

Being at 83, she has been an embarassment to anybody who thinks of reforming Indian sports administration.

To a pointed question this writer asked the FIH president Leandro Negre during the recent CWG on this age issue, he smiled and said this issue is in their mind, in consideration, and hoped 'things will settle soon'.

That time he did not expalin much, but made it known new set of rules is in the offing.

It may be that the FIH also insisted on good governance, and is any case there is a proposal to limit age of officials of FIH and their NFs in the Congress to be held later this year.

Whatever, at least a big relief, a pat on the back of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, who formulated a genuine guidelines whose fall out is exit of this old lady.

Is it a symptom the edifice of Kalmadi has started falling. We hope so.

Offical Statement of Hockey India announcing resignation of Mrs. Vidya Stokes:

Mrs. Vidya Stokes has resigned as President of Hockey India with immediate effect. This is as per her commitment made to the Union Sports Minister at the inauguration of the High Altitude Synthetic Pitch at Shilaroo, Himachal Pradesh, in February this year. Mrs. Stokes had said then that she would step down as President only after the Commonwealth Games as India was the host for these prestigious Games.

She has tendered her resignation to the Secretary General and given him the additional charge to discharge all duties as President as an interim measure till necessary arrangements are made by the Hockey India Executive Board and ratified by the General Council.

Mrs. Vidya Stokes thanked all members and colleagues at Hockey India for extending their support to her as the President.

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