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2008 OQ: Chile Qualifier
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HOCKEY: Excursion into web world (3/25/2008)
--s2h roving
A regular s2h clicker has sent us a compilation of comments of made by visitors of various sites with the following introduction:

'Kill Gill,' 'Sack hockey'.....

Enter any sports forum on internet nowadays, you will find such screams for Indian Hockey Federation KPS Gill's head following India's failure to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

There is no need to give any twist to the fans' scathing comments against Gill because even a lay man can understand that 14 years is a long time to bring a turnaround in the game. Talk about the Rediff readers or the Orkut members, everywhere the tone of resentment is identical, full of agony and desperation. Just read on to have an idea of the common man's view about India's historic failure, a dubious distinction which would leave the mark of a painful wound on the heart of every hockey fan.


I have a scientific way of dealing with this kind of Player Performance Psychology. Lets give our players an environment to excel and then we can desire from them. ----
Ever heard of the Erricson-Rylo therapy?? Well, this was the historic Psycotherapy which the British Football Academy deployed with the help of renowned Swiss Coach from Italy - Erricson and the Sport Psychologist - Rylo. This was done to revive the English Football team with talents like Bechkam, Roonie, Owen etc when they were defeated by Germany to qualify for the World Cup under the Managership of Kevin Keegan (himself a world cup player for England). ----
Mr. Gill i know police officers have thick skin but you are the best one. halle v sharam nahi aai. resign dena taan ki , sorry v nahi keh riha lokaan nu sala. ----
Kps Gill is not any name its a shame on Indian hockey. we are failed to understand what does he want? for godsake please resign enough is enough. He should understand he is the root cause of all this. --------
We not only need good coaches...the coach who understands each player and their movements, but also a sports psychologist who can help the coach understand the mind of each player and the opponent's GAME PLAN. ----
Only advertisements and prestige boosting documentaries featuring India as a team winning....does not make sense...does not motivate players who have to perform on the field......they need 1 to 1 counseling and the guts & grit to fight the psychological warfare on the field and dressing rooms. By those TV commercials, we the people of India (I wont call citizens) get excited (not motivated) and start expecting more than what our players can deliver...and when they cant...we get into critical politics. ----
I don’t understand if there is no authority above Gill. Just sack him or if that cant be done done scrap the IHF and form a new hockey federation. Why take all the nonsense from this man. Like cricket monopoly is the bane. Let Hockey have competitive federations or leagues and then we can let the best administrator run the show. Time we just tossed gills to feed the fish in the sea. --------
The sheer arrogance of this man is appalling. For a decade and a half under his 'stewardship', the IHF went from being a top team to a has-been - the dregs of the game, and yet this shameless, arrogant twit refuses step down? Any other nation would have fired this moron like yesterday, but not in butt-licking India, where useless inept, incompetent, sycophants are allowed to linger on as a malingering malignant cancer, wreaking havoc and destruction, yet they're allowed to merrily keep on at it by their pals in 'high' places. Apparently shame is not part of the lexicon of this misbegotten land land of mediocrity and sycophancy. --- ----
A very crucial details for youll to judge the IHF board members.MR Gills treatment to indian hockey team: My elder brother was one of the cheer leader to our team India in chile with all of his friends. This is what evry1 has to say:
1) they were initially booked in a 5 star hotel in chile but got a shock of life when they went to stay in 3 star hotel. what would tendulkar or any other ckt player do in such case?
2)There were specific timings for food to be cooked for indian team as some were veggie. Poor team players havent eaten food for 4 to 5 days and have played their matches witht food in their stomach. Some players have cooked food themselves. Our IHF treatment to our players.
3)Indian association in chile have given loadsssssss of luv and wonderful support to our team India. Get to you tube and say HOCKEY INDIA as there was an indian serd who has recorded evrythng the way indians cheered and team played the game.
4) Our players have crieddddddd in the end in their rooms in front of the crowd for the step treatment they have recvd from our Federation.
5) Our team india was not awarded 1 penalty stroke and 3 penalty corners by the match refree.
Guys still you think the players have to be blamed for this. I dont thnk so. Get out Mr GILL ur not worth the position. -------
Our indian players said sorry to the indian crowd and still indian crowd cheered them and they were extremely happy with the team and so was the team with the support they got from ----
May be he's trying to take inspiration from Chak De India, the way SRK does the turnaround of a team and removing the black spot in his career.. But Sir, that was only a movie. The best thing you can do for Indian hockey is to resign. If you are sleeping since the last 15 yrs, how would u be able to do something now?? ----
Reminds me of a line from Hera Pheri (2000): Akshay Kumar: Main nahin jaaonga 2 saal ka kiraya deke jaaonga Paresh Rawal: Iska matlab tu kabhi nahi jayega ------] "Isko uta le re baba, isko utaa le" tabhi Indian hockey revieve hoga. ------ Vahe Guru raham karo ---------
Kill Gilll by Truth on Mar 14, 2008 02:29 PM | Hide replies ----
His statement clearly states that he was not doing anything and sleeping during the past 14 years and now want to revive hockey. I really don't understand, what the Indian Govt. is doing? Whether Gill is untouchable and so powerful that our politicians are afraid to remove him. Or the contract is like Gill will hold the post until he die. If that is the case, kill Gilll ----------
After a zillion years that is. And by that time hockey will be as popular in India as Korfball is ---------
gill is a parasite of indian hockey and needs to be got rid off. he has time and again sucked indian hocley dry. a case is when India last won asian cup (or asian games gold, not sure) under dhanraj pillay. he sacked the entire team for the next tourney, just bcoz he thought the players were becoming too powerful. -------
pat gill's bottom with a hockey stick ----
osama KPS Gill plz go ----
Gill hatao Hockey bachao

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