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2008 OQ: Chile Qualifier
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Mr. Carvalho, when will you return Rs.11,000 (3/18/2008)
--Roving s2h
For long Joaquim Carvalho was jobless. Whatever jobs he got, like the one in Oman, he could hardly endear and provide results. Even one of the teams he was put in charge had to be disbanded and the story is in the another click.

Naturally therefore he has to do many things to keep himself afloat. One such is monetary matters where more questions are asked but he never replies – exactly like what his Guardian, Guru and God KPS Gill.

Now look at the plight of Clarence Lobo.

Clarence was the Chief Coach of the Marata Warriors for the first Premier Hockey League in 2005. He had to give Marata Warriors’ manager Joaquim Rs. 11,000 to ward off an emergency expense. As on today, Joaquim has not returned the money, which was given on good faith and in the teams’ interest. Lobo says he has shown that in the expense for which Lobo gave the money, but he did not bother to return it to him.

Clarance Lobo is with Tata Power, Mumbai, in a decent job but certainly not a millionaire to give his hard-earned money. “I could have given that for any hockey cause instead of to this trust unworthy fellow”, he says.

Not only that. He submitted accounts to Kher Singh, Secretary, Mumbai Hockey Association. He found Rs.15,000 was shown against transport charges. On talking to Leisure Sports Management, Kher found out all the travel expenses were borne by the Organizers and teams needed not to have spent on that. Had in fact Carvalho spent on really, he could have explained to Kher Singh, who is constitutionally elected Secretary, who sanctioned the money.

Instead of providing explanation, Joaquim started planting stories in the local media – which of course is his forte nowadays – against Kher Singh, who hardly have any image of his own in the Mumbai circle -- and the words of Olympians are always gospel in the media world.

Both Kher Singh and Clarence Lobo – under whose coaching we won the Gneizo 8-Nation Junior Challenge in 2006 -- are ready to vouchsafe on any platform whatever is written in this article.

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