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2008 OQ: Chile Qualifier
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Please Gill, Show Mercy (3/31/2008)
--s2h team
Only two people in India are happy. Gill for asking three more years to bury hockey, and Joaquim Carvalho to train Indian team more -- for any number of years that his boss Gill wants.

Gill and Joaquim might survive without hockey or even won’t care about it. Because, hockey has given 14 years of limelight to Gill, except two years, rest all Gill’s post retired happy life. Joaquim for long has been scouting for a job and now got it on platter.

In March 2004 Gill told a television channel that he won’t contest the IHF election. But he advanced the IHF election by an year! A couple of years after becoming the IHF chief, he wanted six years to turn around hockey. Now after 14 years, he says he needs three more years.

For some time now I have been thinking why exactly he needs three years and not more.

Perhaps, in three years time one more World Cup Qualifier and Olympic Qualifier would have come and our tactician coach par excellence – he also told the whole world that he has failed and so tendering apology only to be retracted – will face one bad match twice and that hockey will be permanently finished.

Then there will be nothing left to ask Gill on hockey. He can stick on.

The public face of both the Indian Olympic Association and the Sports Ministry are any indication, Gill will be autonomous and can do anything he wishes.

Therefore, those who need hockey and do still see a ray of hope – such souls are dwindling each day passes by – only way hockey can survive is, asking Gill to show mercy.

Mr. Gill please show mercy and leave hockey.

Even if the World Cup is taken away, we hope Gill does not give any explanation. Dont put us in the trauma of understanding your logic. Any way we understand him very well. We understand his mission very well. Kurungu kail kidaitha poomalai

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