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Refutal to IHF stand (8/9/2010)
--s2h team
FIH says it has de-recognized both IHF and IWHF in 2000 in its logic to support Hockey India. Then how, the Hockey India Promotion Project penned by Bob Davidzon in 2006 says the following?:

Present situation: At this moment there are three National Hockey (Con) Federations.
• Indian Hockey Federation: IHF (governing men’s hockey in India).
• Indian Women Hockey Federation: IWHF (governing women’s hockey in India).
• Indian Hockey Confederation: IHC (founded in 2000, to comply with the statutes and bye-laws of the FIH as the sole body - for men and women - representing India internationally).
The separate structure of hockey for men and women in India has historical, demographic and emotional backgrounds. There is however also a financial benefit whereas the two original federations are both recognised by the Indian Olympic Association (lOA) and the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and subsidised on national and state level. Possible cost savings through complete amalgamation will certainly not offset loss of subsidies. However there are a growing number of areas of common interest that should/could be dealt with by the IHC and its members. Over time the co-operation will no doubt bring benefits and should be encouraged both on national and state level.
We understand the Project is a FIH document. What the present FIH has to say on this? Kindly note the Project was written in the mid-2006 and was accepted by India and FIH in 2007.

POINT TWO: Recognizing existence of IHF and IWHF,the same report went on to quote this in the next para which is as follow

Next Steps
1. The executive Board(s) of the IHC (IHF/IWHF) has/have to decide whether they recognise these “areas of the concern” and have to declare themselves fully prepared to work together with the project leader (and where appropriate specialized consultants) to further investigate some of the areas and to develop strategic options.
2. Where appropriate the solidness and feasibility of the options will be tested.
3. The Executive Board(s) of the IHC (IHF/IWHF) has/have to decide on preferred options.

It is matter that everyone of us know the FIH dealt with IHF and IWHF to implement its India Project, and it is well-evident in each sentence of the report.

We don't know why all of a sudden the FIH closes its eyes and would like us to believe it has de-recognized IHF and IWHF. IHF bosses are also aware that in the internationals organized by India (Indira Cup, women, in 2005, Champions Trophy, men, in 2005 only IHF or IWHF was there, each one neglecting the other)

POINT THREE: If FIH has to go by the statues of its own -- which is a subjective matter as it involves interpretations -- Government of India also should go by its own statutes? Govt has been ordered by the competent court to recognize IHF. Govt has no other way than what they have done. Therefore, it is incumbent of the FIH to cooperate with the Govt. How can a government expect to co-operate with an entity that says it is private?

To be concluded

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