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What a pity! There is no Live Telecast. AHF to be (9/8/2011)
--s2h team
Editorial: What a pity! There is no Live Telecast. AHF to be blamed

As India takes on Pakistan in only second time this year, tension mounts amidst the hockey fans especially those in the sub-continent. A great opportunity for any television channel to grab the eyeballs, but what a pity there is none to bring those actions to the drawing rooms.

Whom to blame?

The Asian Champions Trophy is the brainchild of Asian Hockey Federation. The Chinese Hockey Federation is organizing, rather rescuing the event, on its soils. Naturally, it is expected either the parent organization, in this case the AHF or the host’s country, China, is expected to put in place television Live.

However, it has to be mentioned here the Asian Champions Trophy, starting of which was announced four years ago in Chennai during the Asia Cup had no takers. That time the concept was mooted by IHF, and it was willing to host the event for the first three years. However, the sedate phase with which the AHF functions, delayed the matter, and the matters were further complicated when the IHF itself was dysfunctional due to dissolution by the IOA in the early 2008.

So, then it has become a routine to announce ACT after every Executive Committee meeting of AHF which normally takes place whenever Asia Cup, Asian Games or Sultan Azlan Cup were held. It got as many times postponed as HI postpones the Nationals in India.

Strictly speaking Indian men did not qualify for the ACT. It was from the beginning stipulated that only the Continents best four, as now involves with the women, will figure. As India finished fifth in the 2006 Asian Games, and then fifth in the Asia Cup, India did not qualify in the first place. It seems India lobbied for its inclusion, which it did.

When AHF says ACT is a tournament of excellence, involving its best four or five. Then it is their duty to see the tournament is packaged professionally and marketed seriously. The two aspects which one normally does not attach to AHF. This time too the continental body, as it happened with respect to Asia Cup (Kuantan), could not organize television coverage.

In the electronic age, in the age of communication, we are now in a situation that even to getting the ACT result is considered breaking news!

The AHF at least could have managed video streaming in their website – believe me they have a name-sake website.

The Asia’s best tournament is being held without television, without website, without Live telecast or Text Commentary.

The shame squarely lies on the shoulders of the AHF. The entire AHF brass will be at Ordos, undoubtedly at the hospitality of the hosts. They will be able to witness the match, what about the fans all over the world?

If anybody wants to know how not to develop popular sports, perhaps they should dial AHF.

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TV coverage
by michael nobbs on 9/11/2011 1:23:28 PM
yes it is a pity as the team has done extremely well. The Chinese association or whatever body organised it didn't see fit to get any matches covered except the matches the chinese team played in. Unfortunately we were only told of this on our arrival. Ordos is called the ghost city and there are very few people at the games although the place is spectacular. We are just about to get on the bus to go to the game. The players are really excited and lets hope we do well. The young players have performed well and our future certainly lies with them. Michael Nobbs Coach

by Editor Arumugam on 9/12/2011 2:15:27 PM
Thank you, coach. Entire India is disappointed such a great tournament is telecast Live. At the same time, accept our congrats on behalf of this site and its vast reader base on the fantastic beginning you made in the new role as our Chief Coach. Ordos will surely set the tune for the future. Proud of you and the team, Coach.