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World Cup Souvenir Programm is a good work (2/21/2008)
The FIH has recently brought out a bookle named 'January, 2003 `FIH Highights'. This is a sleek production,which was made available to media during the Perth World Cup.

Dotcom vista opened the floodgates of FIH information. Now comes the other effort. `FIH Highlights 2001-2002: A review of strategies, activities and achievements', a neatly produced document made available to media men at Perth, is worth the effort.

The colourful 80-page compilation starts with a well-thought out foreword by Dr. Jacques Rogge, President, International Olympics Committee. That he follows hockey sport is well evident in his foreword. He observes, `It is most heartening to see that even during these days international conflicts, sports is able to overcome political boundaries to bring countries together and there is no better illustration than what India and Pakistan met on the hockey field at this year's Champions Trophy in Cologne.'

This followed by a message from the FIH president. Secretary General Peter Cohen's report that comes next is exhaustive and covers wide spectrum of issues and conflicts of the past two years that the FIH faced and handled. He also briefs five Executive Board meetings that had taken place after the new set-up came into focus succeeding the regime headed b Juan Angel Calzado. Cohen notes that `revenue and expenditure for the years 2000-2001 have proved to be reasonably in line with budget and a surplus of Euro 72836.46 has been transferred to Reserves.'

Good News. But, at the same time, one is tempted to ask why then a small expense on `World Hockey' Magazine would not have been met and the issues brought out.

His report is followed by the thumb-nail sketches of EC Board members and the Executive Director's Report. Various Committees' reports gives insight into the activities and achievements of these bodies. Disciplinary Commission Report by its chairman HRH Sultan Azlan Shah (Malaysia), in particular, is interesting as it dwells in length on the contentious Women's World Cup Qualifier incidents and the verdict of the CAS. Hockey followers should read this piece to understand nuances of sports administration.

Veteran writer Patrick Rowley produces pen sketches of major tournaments that had taken place in about two years, including Champions Trophy, Qualifiers, Junior World Cups etc. It's good recap. Addresses of all FIH member organizations and FIH awards complete the contents.

What makes an otherwise official compilation a readable one is its artistic presentation of articles, with eye catching images. The transparencies obtained from many sources are captioned and in itself makes a good read. Editor Cathy Harris deserves pat on her back for producing the sleek and informative volume.

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