HIL 2015 HIL Player Action
Thursday 17 September 2015
09 AM onwards IST
Hockey India League 2016 Player 0  Hockey India League 2016Franchise0
0'Total no. of players bought: 89 Total Franchise: 6
0'Akashdeep Singh is the highest bid among Indian players with USD 84,000
0'Moritz Furtze of Germany is the highest bid player with USD 105,000
0'Auction concludes with each Franchise providing the list of remaining players to be filled up
0'28 lots completed. Now, players from the reserve list to be taken
0'Sarvanjit Singh 6000 USD Ranchi Rays
0'Adam Dixon 15000 USD Kalinga Lancers
0'Timothy Cross goes to reserve
0'Tyron Periera 6000 USD Dabang Mumbai
0'Delhi Waveriders completed its domestic players
0'Harjeet Singh 6000 USD Delhi Waveriders
0'Marc of Spain goes to reserve
0'Amit Gowda 10,000 USD Delhi Waveriders
0'Gurmail Singh 81,000 USD Dabang Mumbai
0'Vikas Sharma Indian midfielder 43,000 USD Dabang Mumbai
0'M Gunasekar 2600 USD UP Wizards
0'Gurwinder Singh Chandi 75000 USD JPW
0'Nick Haig 10,000 USD JPW
0'Santa Singh 21000 USD Delhi Waveriders
0'Jaskaran Singh 2600 USD UP Wizards
0'Nikkin Thimmiah 67000 USD Dabang Mumbai
0'Armaan Qureshi 4500 USD JPW
0'Gurinder Singh, Indian defender 48,000 USD to UP Wizards
0'Affan Yousuf goes to 53000 USD to Dabang Mumbai
0'Matthew Dawson Kalinga Lancers 21000 USD
0'Vickram Kanth goes to Delhi Waveriders for 52000 USD
0'Timothy Deavin 29000 USD Ranchi Rays
0'David Alegre goes to reserve
0'PR Aiyappa 2600 USD UP Wizards
0'Chinglensana Singh 62,000 USD UP Wizards
0'Roshan Minz Dabang Mumbai 6000 USD
0'Iain lewers goes to Delhi Waveriders
0'Glenn Simpson of Aus goes to reserve
0'Nick Catlin of Great Britain goes to reserve
0'Sandeep Singh goes to for 81000 USD to Ranchi Rays
0'Andy Hayward goes to reserve
0'Jasjit Singh Kular goes to Jaypee Punjab Warrior for 65000USD
0'17 of 28th lot is under hammer. Akashdeep singh with 84k leads Indian pack
0'Matt Gohdes midfielder from Australia 71,000 USD to Punjab Warriors
0'Simon Orchard of Australia 58000 USD to JPW
0'Sumit Toppo goes to reserve
0'Midfielder Sumit goes to Ranchi Rays for 17000 USD
0'Prabhdeep Singh Delhi Waveriders 7500 USD
0'Agustin Mazzilli of Argentina 25000 USD to UP Wizards
0'Experienced Indian player Danish Mujtaba goes to Dabang Mumbai for 54,000 USD
0'Kenny Bain 17000 USD to UP Wizards
0'S K Uthappa 54000 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Sumit Kumar goes to Ranchi Rays for 15000 USD
0'Benjamin Stanz goes to Delhi Waveriders for 35000 USD
0'Pardeep Mor goes to 37,000 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Dipsan Tirkey goes to 31,000 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Simranjeet singh for 8000 USD to Ranchi Rays
0'Lloyd Norris Jones with base price 20,000 USD goes to reserve
0'Mark Gelghorn from England goes to reserve
0'Daniel Beale goes to Ranchi rays for 26000 USD
0'Glenn Turner 30,000 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Akashdeep Singh grabbed by UP Wizards for 84,000 USD
0'Imran Khan Indian midfielder goes to Ranchi Rays for 7000 USD
0'Russell Ford with base price 15,000 USD goes to reserve.
0'Malak Singh, Indian forward goes to Kalinga Lancers for 24000 USD
0'Austin Smith of South Africa 59,000 USD to Delhi Waveriders
0'Rob Hammond with base price 30,000 USD goes to reserve
0'Mathew Willis of Aus goes to Kalinga Lancers for 15000 USD
0'Jamie Dwyer for 57k USD to UP Wizards
0'Jamie Dwyer bid crosses 55k USD
0'Joseph Toppo and Abhishek Pratap Singh go to reserve
0'After lunch break action starts
0'Mandeep Singh, 21 year old forward 70,000 USD to Delhi Waveriders
0'Hugo Inglis of New Zealand with base price 25000 USD goes to reserve
0'Victor Minz 8500 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Gonzalo Peillat of Argentina goes to reserve
0'Abhinav Pandey to Kalinga Lancers for $2600
0'Punjab purchases Nicolas jacobi, ger goalie for USD 27k
0'Lot 8 under progress
0'S Kumar of Malaysia goes to reserve
0'Goalie George Bazeley with base price 20,000 USD goes unsold
0'Goalie Jugraj Singh for USD 4500 goes to JPW
0'Lot 8 under progress
0'Goalie Krishan Pathak for USD 2600 goes to Dabang Mumbai
0'Goalkeeper Francisco Cortes goes to reserve.
0'Tyler Lovell Australian goalkeeper with base price 30,000 USD goes to Ranchi Rays
0'Leon Hayward of Australia goes to reserve
0'Goal Keeper Akash Chikte 4500 USD to Ranchi Rays
0'Goal Keeper Harjot Singh 20,000 USD to Delhi Waveriders
0'Five lots bidding over. 15 Players sold. Total money spent 666 usd
0'Goalie Devon Manchester of New Zealand 27000 USD to Delhi Waveriders
0'Subodh Tirkey base price 4500 USD goes unsold
0'Goalkeeper Suraj Karkera, aged 20 5500 USD to UP Wizards
0'Matthew Swann of Australia goes for 75000 USD to Dabang Mumbai
0'Matthew Swann of Australia's bid crosses 38000 USD
0'Matthew Swann of Australia now
0'S H Nilankanta Sharma goes to Dabang Mumbai for 2600 USD
0'Indian Harbinder Singh Sandhu goes unsold
0'Defender Amit Rohidas 31,000 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Tobias Hauke Def/Med of Germany bid crosses 96000 USD to UP Wizards
0'Tobias Hauke Def/Med of Germany bid crosses 80000 USD
0'Tobias Hauke Def/Med of Germany bid crosses 55000 USD
0'Suresh Toppo goes to reserve
0'Johan Bjorkman of Sweden goes to Dabang Mumbai for USD 10,000
0'Rupinder Pal Singh crosses 68k USD to Delhi Waveriders
0'Rupinder Pal Singh crosses 50k USD
0'Rupinder Pal Singh's turn now
0'In a press conference, hi president clarified that base price is quoted by Players themselves
0'Graeme Begbie of Australia goes to reserve
0'Conor Harte with base price 15,000 USD goes unsold
0'Mark Pearson second Canadian today, also goes unsold
0'21 years old Gagandeep Singh goes unsold
0'Now lot 4 is under hammer: dharamvir sold for 60 USD, 2k more than sardar singh
0'Parvinder Singh goes to 29,000USD to Delhi Waveriders
0'Dharamvir Singh goes to 60,000 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Nithin Thimmiah goes unsold with base price 14,000 USD
0'Pedro Ibarra of Argentina goes unsold
0'Phillip Burrows goes unsold
0'Anand Lakra 8000 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Moritz furste is also much sought after, he goes for 105,000 USD to Kalinga Lancers
0'Moritz furste is also much sought after, he alrrady crossed 88 usd
0'Florian Fuchs going high. Has crossed 96k usd
0'Florian Fuchs of germany going as hot cake crossed 57 USD
0'Punjab purchased sardar singh for USD 58k
0'Every team is bidding for Sardar, his quote has now crossed 45 k usd
0'Sardar singh under hammer now
0'Kietan govERS of Australia is the first Player to be sold for 36 k usd
0'Kietan govERS of Australia is the first Player to be sold for 36 k usd
0'Auction has started:alan from Ireland,Joel carrol of ais unsold dE
0' will bring out minute to minute progress entire day during the Auction till last player is sold out.
0'135 Indian and 141 Foreign Players will go under the hammer on Thursday. All six franchises will be looking to catch leading stars such as Sardar Singh, Jamie Dwyer, Rupinder Pal etc.
0'Fate of players from 20 countries will be decided when the Auction takes place on 17th at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi
0'17th Sept marks second Player Auction in the 4th year running Hockey India League. When the Player Auction was held in 2013, it created a world wide buzz, which is expected to continue this time too.