India Match No.3 India Vs Canada
Sunday 10 April 2016
18.00 hrs IST
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60'Canada won 5 PCs in the game but fails to convert any of those, while India bagged two and converted one.
60'Good boost up for the Indian squad ahead of their clash with arch-rivals Pakistan on Tuesday.
60'India beat Canada 3-1 after goals from Nikkin, Harmanpreet Singh and Talwinder Singh.
60'End of fourth quarter.
60'Rupinderpal to Surender who gives to Harmanpreet in defence.
59'Uthappa bags a free hit for India. Passes it to Nikkin.
58'Harmanpreet with the drag and beautifully saved by Charter.
58'** Penalty Corner : Talwinder Singh with the run from left, enters the D and earns a PC. Strucked defender's foot.**
57'** Goal : Sardar with a good cross from left, Chinglensena finds Talwinder who makes an mistake in putting that in.**
56'Good one on one play by Canadians to move in Indian half, Uthappa comes up with a super tackle.
54'Indians getting a bit defensive with last 5 odd minutes to go.
53'Good ball from Sardar, Ramandeep enters the D and takesa reverse. The shot deflected over through the defender's stick.
52'Mandeep Singh in the striking circle, looking for a PC but umpire says play-on.
50'Surender from right plays it for Harmanpreet, who finds Ramandeep.
49'Sardar Singh with a super run, gets one on one with goalkeeper, plays a reverse shot beating the keeper but the post. How close was that.
48'Canada bags a free hit outside the Indian circle.
47'Good defending by Rupinderpal Singh, tackled a good ball from left.
46'Canada with the early position, moves forward Surender with a super tackle to take that away.
45'Fourth Quarter underway.
45'End of third quarter
45'** Penalty Corner : Another PC for Canada, shot comes in struck Surender's body.**
45'** Penalty Corner : Canada with a run into the D, gets Rupinderpal's foot.**
45'Good play by Harmanpreet to find Sardar, makes a good ball for Ramandeep Singhbut the latter couldn't go past Andrew Charter in the goal.
44'Another move by Nikkin to find Uthappa in the D but the latter fails to beat the goalie.
43'Canada with the run, Panesar moves forward to enter the circle but struck wide.
42'** Goal : Sardar with the push, Harmanpreet drags it high on the right top corner.**
41'** Penalty Corner : Nikkin with the ball, goes past two and finds defender's foot in the way.**
40'Danish with a hard cross for Nikkin in the circle, the latter misses the deflection by a whhisker.
39'India still leading the possession chart with 53% to Canada's 47.
38'Ramandeep Singh with the ball now, enter the D looking for a PC. The Canadian defence was alert.
37'Canada with the position, enters the D takes the shot but wide of the post.
36'Good interception by Harmanpreet to find Mandeep who makes a long run to Nikkin who couldn't go past the defence.
35'Rupinderpal to Harmanpreet in the circle, the younster got tackled.
33'Surender with a good turn from right, plays it for Mandeep but the latter couldn't keep that in play.
32'Sunil with the attack from left, fails to go past Canadian defence.
32'India with the early attack, Sunil plays a hard ball, umpire calls it dangerous.
30'Third quarter underway.
30'It's 1-1 at the end of the half time. Good comeback from the Canadians to find a equalizer.
30'End of second quarter.
30'Ball comes in and a brilliant save by the Indian Goalkeeper diving on right.
30'** Penalty Corner : Another good play from Peiera and this time finds Surender's foot.**
29'Drag comes in and brilliant blocked by running Manpreet.
29'** Penalty Corner : Canada in the circle, finds Uthappa's foot. PC!**
28'Canada from left enters the D, Peiera plays a reverse cross, Goalie comes and drags it away.
27'Another attack from India, Sardar with a reverse, stopped by Charter.
26'Sunil to Talwinder in the D looking for a foot, defender puts that away. Good skills by the young Talwinder.
25'Harjeet from the right, plays a hard cross, deflected wide by Gill for Canada.
24'** Goal : Canada with the counter attack, enters the D and Peiera has no problem beating the goalkeeper. **
23'Sardar with the position now, finds Mandeep who makes an excellent run plays a diving cross but no support for the striker.
23'Good play by Gill to go past Ramandeep, finds Panesar.
21'Another attack from India, Uthappa with the ball but fails to go past Canadian defence.
20'Good run by Kothajit, enters the circle takes a reverse but gets blocked, Mandeep with the rebound which again got blocked.
19'Good one on one play by Canada.
18'Harmanpreet with an error, fails to trap a sweeping ball from Surender.
17'India with the ball, Sunil gives away the position cheaply.
16'Gill from the right, couldn't go past Surender.
15'Second Quarter underway.
15'End of first quarter.
15'Canada with the position in their half, tries to keep the ball under there stick.
14'Few niggles in the Indian box. Canada making chances at the ending moments of the 1st quarter.
14'Drag comes in and nicely stopped by Harjot.
13'** Penalty Corner : Miss pass from Indians, Harjot comes up and gets a back stick.**
12'Good turn by Surender to find Ramandeep.
11'Panesar for Canada, plays a long ball.
10'Mandeep wins a fee hit outside the circle. Ramndeep takes it early to find Sardar.
9'Sardar Singh with a super move, enters the circle tries for a reverse got blocked.
8'SK Uthappa grabs a free hit for India.
7'Canada in the attack now, but fails to go past Surender.
6'A good hard pass into the circle from Surender, Nikkin gets a deflection but the ball hits the right post. How close was that.
6'Talwinder from the left finds Kothajit who passes it back to Rupinderpal.
5'Canada with the position, Gill moves through right, Rupinderpal comes up with a tackle.
4'** Goal : Brilliant move by India, Rupinderpal with a super first pass to Ramandeep who finds Nikkin in the D. The latter makes no mistake in putting that in the bar.**
2'Canada with the attack, Sardar comes up with a good tackle.
1'Good diagnal start by Indians, keeping the position early on.
0'First quarter underway!
0'SV Sunil, Ramanpreet and Nikkin starts in the striking force for India.
0'In the last game against Australia, the Sardar Singh's side seemed highly depended on penalty-corners, the strikers needs to raise their game up and find themselves in the score-sheet.
0'Indian midfield will be boosted by Manpreet Singh's return.
0'After narrowly defeating Japan and then beaten comprehensively by Australia (1-5), India braces for victory today against Canada, which often prove a hard nut to crack for India. brings out Live Text Commentary, as always