M No 5 India Vs Pakistan
Saturday 14 December 2013
20.00 hrs IST
Indian Flag India 3  PakistanFlagPakistan5
70'Pakistan goalie Mazhar Abbas of Pak is the Hero Man of the Match
70'Its deserving win for Pakistan, as they dominated the game overall. Its first ever contest between India and Pak in the annals of the Junior World Cup.
70'** Goal : DMd. Dilber strikes, as Pakistan win the shoot out**
70'Satbir Singh fails
70'** Goal : Captain of Pak Umar Bhutta strikes, a high ball**
70'Imran Khan of India too falters
70'Harjot Stopps the shot of Rizwan Jr
70'** Goal : Talwinder Singh of India scores**
70'** Goal : Tousiq Md. of Pak drew Harjot and put the ball inside empty goal**
70'** Goal : Gurjinder strikes**
70'** Goal : Irfan Md. strikes, after beating Indian goalie Harjot**
70'** Tie Break : Penalty shoot-out.**
70'Match ends.
69'India get a free attack outside the D as few seconds left for the final hooter
68'Pakistan desperate to gain back the lead, attempt an attack in the last minute.
66'** Goal : Gurjinder makes no mistake this time. An equalizer for India.**
65'** Penalty Corner : Second PC for India**
63'Malak tries to set up Satbir, who loses control.
61'India have attempted many attacks in the last 3 minutes, Pakistan defence thwarting all of them.
59'Talwinder passes to Manpreet who flicks itinside the D. Imran and Mandeep both unable to utilize it.
58'Malak steals the ball from the Pakistani player between the feet.
56'India on attack. Akashdeep hits a reverse but PAk goalie saves. Manpreet tries a rebound, that is snatched by a Pakistan player.
55'A long pass from India but no one to take it. Coach Gregg clearly disappointed.
53'Gurjinder tackles the ball for too long, beats two player but finally loses possession.
51'Meanwhile, Pakistan players set themselves inside the D from the right flank, but unable to hold the ball.
49'Akashdeep send into the D but mistrapping.
46'Gurjinder hits straight. A good save from Pak goalie Mazhar Abbas. India ruin their chance of equalizer.
45'** Penalty Corner : First PC for India. **
43'Not able to take forward, Indian players relying a lot on back passes. Yet to make a good attack
40'** Green Card : Mandeep gets**
39'A good attack again from Pakistan but they lose the ball while passing among themselves.
38'PAkistan's Dilber Muhammed tries to enter the D.
36'Match resumes
35' Indian defence does a neat job, counter attack, Malak dives bravely to deflect a cross off Gurjinder, but not connected. India need to be smart inside D, but not at present.
34'Manpreet misses s sitter, which his team mate Satbir set up, he is dejected.
32'An Indian cross rolls without danger inside Pak D, loose and causl game by India, even as Satbir injured and on the sidelines getting treatment, Kothajit comes in his place
31'Pak inside D, couple of good exchanges, but Surender Kumar bounces on to a rebound and clears the dange, India ow on attack, but Mandeep just yield to a defender on the fringe of the D
30'Coach Gregg introduces Harjeet to pep up attack
30'Mandeep sends a blind cross into D from left flank
29'Another fruitless entry into the D by Talwinder
29'India on attack, but Irfan does a heroic tackles to change the flow of the game in opposite direction
27'Tasawar Abas sends a perfect cross into D, Md. Umar tries to deflect, but not connected, golden chance wasted for Pak
25'Loose game from both sides, unforced errors, exciting none
24'Imran of India on solo, but Rizwan Jr follows him like shadow, and steals the ball, thus silencing Indian throats
23'Sukhmanjit blunts a mild Pak thrust, gets 25-yard free hit for India
21'A pak attacks ends with hit on the wood work, India launches a counter, but wayward shooting, scoreboard remains static
20'Pak goalie Abbas stays put in his cage, and anticipate an Indian attack, and kicks it, good move for India thus fizzles out
19'Akashdeep Singh hurries up a move inside D, Talwinder again tries to enter D, but dispossesed, Indian attacks lacks the punch
18'Gurjinder comes upfront, to pep up Indian attack, India on attack past two minutes
16'Rizwan Jr. misses to connect gem of a cross, close call for India.
16'Malak picks up a loose ball, sends a diagonal into D, Imran Khan picks up and effects a forehand, but way off, crosses to the left of the cage
15'India tries to reduce the pace with lot of back passes
14'Satbir dispossessed at Pak right flag area
11'India attack from right flank, Malak being tripped at the top fringe of the cricle, India continues to attack, with Satbir and Pardeep mor in the thick of action
10'Pak shows sharpness in attack, gets even with India move for move
9'Surender Amit, Satbir man the cage, and the rusher clears the ball before shot taken, counter attck, but Mandeep fumbles in his flank close to circle
8'** Penalty Corner : Pak referral upheld, Pak gets another chance to enhance the lead**
8'** Referral : Pak demands a PC, as the ball seemed to have hit Amit Rohidas' feet, not given goes for referral**
6'It was D to D three touch, that yield the breakthrough goal for Pak; a diagonal push takes the ball into D, right winger gently sends a cross, which Dilber intercepts and gently pushes into the cage, as goalie Harjot has rushed early and left it empty
6'** Goal : Mandeep, despite speed could not not control the ball on teh left, but shortly Pak launches a counter and strikes through Dilber**
6'Satbir and Shakeel Butt vie for the ball, Gurjinder's long overhead pass, intercepted by Pak, their attack go waste and there is none to effect the touch in side Indian circle
4'Pardeep Mor, and Surender exchange ball between flanks, and blunt a sharp looking Pak attack
2'Talwinder plays a solo, takes the ball into D, but dispossed, India on attack in the initial phase
1'Match starts
0'Despite the fight between the traditional rivals is for minor placing, there is fairly large crowd on the stands, braving winter cold
0'Today is penultimate day of the exciting Junior World Cup.
0'Umpires: Jonas van't Hek of Netherlands and Paul Walker of England
0'National anthem being sung
0'Teams line up
0'India participated in 8 Junior World Cups; while Pakistan in 10. But only today they will be meeting first time in any Junior World Cup. s2h is happy to bring out statistically and academically significant match between the two former Junior World Cup champions