India Match No.4 India Vs Pakistan
Tuesday 12 April 2016
15.30 Hrs IST
FLag INdia India 5  PakistanFlagPakistan1
60'India also earned a penalty-stroke but Rupinderpal Singh fails to get that in.
60'India got 2 PC from which they converted one, while Pakistan earned 3 and also converted one.
60'For India SV Sunil struck twice, while Manpreet, Rupinderpal Singh and Talwinder Singh got a goal each.
60'Captain Irfan was the lone goal scorer for Pakistan.
60'Unlike last game, this match carries few cards for both the teams.
60'India go on to beat arch-rivals Pakistan by 5-1 margin in Ipoh.
60'End of the game.
60'The replay clearly showed that interception was done through Ramandeep's stick.
59'Surender Kumar with a hard shot inside the box, Ramandeep gets a deflection into the net. But, umpire cancels it for objection.
58'One on one with Talwinder and Danish in the Pakistan circle, but fails to get that through.
57'Rupinderpal Singh with the stroke and misses it, flicking it straight to Butt's body.
56'** Penalty Stroke : India with another attack, good one on one with Nikkin and Ramandeep. Finds Manpreet go got tackled in the circle. Penalty stroke for India.**
55'That's clean hockey from the Indian players.
54'** Goal : Sardar's push comes in and Rupinderpal made on mistake this time in putting that in the bar.**
53'** Penalty Corner : Rashid with the cross, Harjeet with a clean takle. India goes for the counter, enters the D as Irfan comes up with an dangerous clearance. PC**
52'Harmanpreet to Jajit who gives it to Sardar Singh.
51'India with the attack again, this time Rupinderpal in the circle and takes the strike but fails to beat the goalie.
50'** Goal : Surender with the ball for Talwinder, who makes no mistake with the reverse shot.**
49'** Green Card : Pakistan in the field with 10 men. Captain Irfan out for 2 minutes.**
48'Sunil to Sardar who enters the D, the Indian skipper takes a shot but good save by Imran Butt.
47'Pakistan with the attack now, makes a cross, but striker fails to get a touch.
46'Harmanpreet with the position, but gives it away cheaply.
45'Fourth Quarter underway.
45'End of third quarter.
45'Another error from Ramandeep who fails to control a Manpreet's ball.
44'Nikkin with the run, beats 3 in the way to play it for Ramandeep. The latter miss passes that.
43'Free hit for India outside the Pakistani circle.
42'Ramandeep to Chinglinsena in the circle, the latter plays a through ball but this time defence was alert.
41'** Goal : India from the left, Kothajit with the cross, Nikkin deflects it for Sunil who makes no mistake in pushing in the net.**
40'Push comes in and Imran's drag struck Manpreet's thighs in the way. The Indian is down with the injury.
39'** Penalty Corner : Pakistan with the attack, plays a short inside the D, finds Harmanpreet's foot. **
39'** Green Card : India in the field with 10 men. Rupinderpal out for two minutes.**
38'Good run by SK Uthappa to find Mandeep Singh in the circle, the latter couldn't control the position.
37'Manpreet with a hard ball for Mandeep, but too far from the youngster.
36'Sureneder with a sweeping ball for Manpreet, but again a miss pass from the Indian player.
35'Sunil with the run, finds Ramandeep who gets a free hit.
34'Nikkin with the position looking for support and miss passes to Pakistani player.
33'Pakistan with the ball, enters the circle. Fails to go past Danish.
32'Ramandeep Singh back in the field by 2 minutes suspension.
31'Surender with the long scoop for Manpreet but got tackled by Rizwan.
30'Third quarter underway!
30'End of second quarter.
30'Surender to Sardar who pushes back to Jasjit in India's half.
30'Umar with the ball, takes a cross but lifts up. Umpire calls it dangerous.
29'Harmanpreet have been a live wire today, another tackle from the youngster
27'Pakistan on the attack, cross comes in but Jasjit puts his stick on time.
26'** Green Card : Ramandeep Singh out for 2 minutes.**
24'Pakistan on the left, Aslan tries to enter the circle, Jasjit was alert to keep the danger away.
23'Good run by Nikkin inside the circle, beats one on the way but fails to control the pace.
22'Pakistan with the ball now, takes a cross but couldn't go past Rupinderpal in defence.
21'Manpreet to Kothajit who gave it back to Rupinderpal.
20'Sardar to Chinglinsena who makes a run inside the circle looking for a foot. Umpire says play on.
19'India goes for the variation, Rupinderpal with the drag. super save from the goalie.
18'** Penalty Corner : Manpreet with a super cross inside the circle, Danish gets stick to it as it sgtruck Rizwan's foot.**
18'Ramandeep with a through ball for Harjeet, the defender's comes in way to take the position away.
17'Surender with the attack now from right, takes a cross and struck Rizwan Sr. on the foot.
16'India with the attack early on, Manpreet bags a free hit outside the circle.
16'India with the attack early on, Manpreet bags a fee hit outside the circle.
15'Second Quarter underway!
15'End of first quarter.
15'India with the position, makes a cross in, ball lifts through, umpire calls in dangerous.
14'Hamanpreet to Rupinderpal in the defence, the latter plays a long ball for Ramandeep but just wide of the striker.
13'India with the attack now, Nikkin plays a brilliant ball in but just wide of Ramandeep.
12'Long ball in from Pakistan but Surender was superb in defence.
11'** Goal : Manpreet with the strong cross in the D, SV Sunil gets a cheeky deflection into the net.**
10'Good run by India as Ramandeep with the ball plays it in the circle but Pakistani defence was alert this time.
9'Another cross from Pakistan, this time umpire called it dangerous.
9'** Goal : Imran once again takes a drag and beats the goalie on right. Akash should have done better there.**
8'** Penalty Corner : Imran with the drag and the ball hits the first rusher Rupinderpal's foot. Another PC.**
8'** Penalty Corner : Pakistan with the attack, Umar enters the D and finds Kothajit's foot.**
6'Rupinderpal with a hard ball near the circle, the striker didn't get any touch.
5'Manpreet to Jasjit, the latter takes time plays it for Kothajit on left.
4'** Goal : India with the super run, Sunil plays it for Manpreet who makes no mistake in putting that in the bar.**
3'Pakistan with the position, dragging one on one in their half.
2'Pakistan on the attack, makes a good cross inside the circle but Indian defence was alert.
1'Sweeping ball from Rupinderpal, couldn't find Surender on left.
0'First quarter underway!
0'Akash Chitke to start ahead of Harjot Singh in the goal bar.
0'A lot will depend on India's play-maker and skipper Sardar Singh who has looked in super touch in this tournament.
0'India-Pak have met 164 times so far since first met in 1956 Olympics. India has won 52 matches while 30 were drawn.
0'India and Pak will be playing their fourth match today at Ipoh. India have won two matches while losing one.