India Match No.6 India vs Malaysia
Friday 15 April 2016
18.05 IST
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60'The Indian team won 5 PCs in the game from they converted one through a variation. While Malaysia got one but fails to capitalise on that.
60'Nikkin opened the scoring for India, while Ramandeep goes on to get 2 in the match. Young Harjeet also scored his first intertional for India. Danish and Talwinder Singh also got a goal each.
60'What a game this has been for India, 6-1 finish in a do or die game that is some effort by the Indians.
60'So after eight long years, the Indian side will feature in the finals of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. The Sardar Singh's side will take on Australia tomorrow.
60'End of the Fourth Quarter.
60'Good run from Mandeep Singh, looks for support with no one in the striking circle, passes back to Sardar Singh.
59'Good skills by young Harjeet Singh to tskee on two Malaysian players.
58'Manpreet from left, plays it for Nikkin but too wide from the Bangalore lad.
57'Surender with the sweeping ball for Ramandeep, the latter fails to trap it.
57'Bit of miss time passes from the Indians.
55'Uthappa with the ball plays it for Mandeep, who gets a free hit.
54'Long scooping ball from Malaysia near the circle, Razie was there but fails to hold on.
53'Surennder to Harjeet who fails to trap it cleanly.
52'Surender in defence plays it for Sardar, who gives away cheaply to Mohun.
51'** Goal : Manpreet with a good ball for Mandeep who mis times it, Talwinder comes in and gets that through the keeper.**
51'Farhan with the run from left, Harjeet comes up with a super tackle.
50'Push comes in but Nikkin fails to stop the push.
49'** Penalty Corner : Danish with a reverse shot in the D, struck the post. In re-bound Nikkin got tackled. PC.**
48'Another ball in from Malaysia, striker fails to get there in time.
47'** Goal : Razie with the sweeping ball as Saabah gets a cute little deflection to put Malaysia's first on the board.**
46'Malaysia with the attack, but struck wide.
45'Fourth Quarter underway.
45'End of third quarter.
45'Malaysia with the ball, gets Rupinderpal's foot on the way. Gets Free hit outside the D.
44'Mandeep with a brilliant turn to make run inside the D, looks for Talwinder but the ball lifts up.
43'Good skills by Danish, enters the D and looks for Talwinder but the defence was alert.
42'another sweeping ball in the D, Mandeep gets a deflection but struck wide.
41'** Green Card : Mohammed Saabah out for 2 minutes.**
40'Little error from Rupinderpal, was looking for Danish but miss passes it
39'** Goal : Long sweeping cross from Harmanpreet from right, Ramandeep gets a right deflection to put that in. His second of the match.**
38'Another run from Malaysia, Rasid looks to enter the D, but this time Manpreet was alert.
37'Mohan with the run, brilliant tackle by Kothajit outside the D.
36'** Green Card : Indian team with 10 men in the field, Mandeep Singh out for 2 minutes.**
35'Chinglinsena with the run from left, plays it for Kothajit but the Malaysian defender comes in between to take the ball away.
34'another run from Malaysia, nicely tackled by Sardar. India with the counter.
32'Malaysia with the run gets Indian foot outside the circle. Free hit.
31'sunil with the early ball, makes a ball for Sardar who fails to keep it with him.
30'Third Quarter underway!
30'4-0 at the end of half time. Sardar Singh and co. will be pleased with their efforts. How much can they get more ?
30'End of second quarter.
29'Malaysia with the attack now, Harmanpreet with a super tackle.
28'** Goal : Harmanpreet with the drag as Hari makes save, Danish near post gets it in the net.**
28'** Penalty Corner : Harmanpreet with some skills, plays the ball to find defender's foot. PC.**
27'** Goal : This time India goes for the variation, Danish with a sweeping ball as Ramandeep gets a fast deflection with the ball ending up in the net.**
27'** Penalty Corner : Rupinderpal with drag as Hari makes another good save but the ball gets lifted. Another PC for India.**
26'** Penalty Corner : Sunil with a solo run from the centre, got tackled hard by the Razie from behind. PC**
25'Uthappa to Sunil who finds Danish in the D, the latter takes a shot but nicely saved by GK Hari.
23'Sunil to Uthappa on the circle, the latter gave it back to Sunil who failed to control the ball.
22'Rahim with the drag as the ball goes out on the left of Akash Chitke.
21'** Penalty Corner : Ball comes in the D, which struck Uthappa's foot. PC**
21'Good short passes from Malaysia outside the D, gets a free hit.
20'Sukri with the run, fails to keep the ball in check as the ball goes out of play.
19'Rashid on the right for Malaysia, makes a cross but no support in the D for him.
18'Sardar on the defence, plays a sweeping ball but miss passes it.
17'Malaysia with the ball again, Sardar with a good tackle to break through.
16'Malaysia with the early attack, looks for PC but the umpire was unmoved.
15'Second Quarter underway.
15'End of the first quarter.
15'Malaysia in the circle, ball comes in and the deflection goes out of play.
15'Mandeep with the ball, gives it cheaply to Mohan.
14'Push comes in and Harmanpreet drags it on the right pole. How close was that.
13'** Penalty Corner : Manpreet with the position outside the D, got tackled by Rashid. PC**
13'Good one on one between Manpreet and surender. The former plays it easily to Kothajit.
12'Danish to Sunil on the right, who fails to keep the ball in play.
11'Mohan on a run, gets a free hit.
10'Another attack from the Indians, Sunil in the D and takes a shot which got saved, Ramandeep on the re-bound struck wide.
9'Malaysia with the ball, good tackle by Danish to take the position away.
8'** Goal : Sardar to Talwinder, who makes a good touch for Harjeet, who makes no mistake to get his first international goal.**
7'Rupinderpal with the position, makes a ball for Nikkin who gives it away cheaply.
6'Chinglinsena enters the D, takes a reverse shot. As the ball misses the deflection through Talwinder's stick.
5'Malaysia with the ball, makes a run from left, enters the circle but nicely tackled by Harjeet.
4'** Goal : India on the attack again, Sunil in the D plays it for Nikkin who makes no mistake in putting that in.**
3'Manpreet on the run, plays it for Surender who drills a cross inside the box, but misses the deflection.
1'Surender to Sunil who makes a run from right, got tackled.
0'First quarter underway.
0'Akash Chikte starts for India in goal post ahead of Harjot Singh.
0'It's a do or die encounter for the Sardar Singh's side after their 2-1 loss to New Zealand.
0'India have won Japan, Canada and Pakistan while losing narrowly to NZ and heavily to Australia (1-5)
0'India and Malaysia will play their last pool match today. s2h will bring out Live Text Commentary