India Match no.5 India vs New Zealand
Wednesday 13 April 2016
13.35 IST
FLag INdia India 1  NZ winnersNew Zealand2
60'With the loss India goes down to third spot, NZ moves up to 2nd in the standings.
60'Though India managed to earn three PCs but failed to convert any of those. While, Kiwis got one and they converted that through Russell beating Harjot Singh.
60'While striker Mandeep Singh got one through for India through a field goal.
60'Russell and Wilson the two goal scorer for New Zealanders.
60'So New Zealand continued their dominance against the Indian side. This time with a 2-1 goal margin in Ipoh.
60'End of the fourth quarter.
60'Long Scoop from Simon Child, goes out of play.
60'Goalkeeper Harjot Singh goes out. Surender stands as a defender cum GK.
59'Another good tackle from Jasjit, stops a running Kiwi striker into the circle.
59'Attack from Wilson, gets in the circle and takes a shot which was brilliantly saved by Jasjit.
57'Kiwis with the position, trying to keep the ball under their stick.
56'NZ with the run, goes past India defenders. Wilson fails to beat Harjot in the net.
55'Ramandeep's push and Harmanpreet takes a grounded drag, which was cleared easily by the GK.
54'** Penalty Corner : This time Sunil gets in the circle and find's the foot. PC for India.**
53'Sunil with a fast run from right, plays it for Uthappa in the D who looks for a PC but fails to get one.
53'Sunil with a fast run from right, plays it for Uthappa in the D who looks for a PC but fails to get one.
52'Manpreet with a sweeping ball inside the D, gets lofted through Kiwi stick, Nikkin takes a strike but just wide off the post.
51'Jasjit with the sweeping ball for Mandeep, the latter fails to control the position.
50'NZ with another attack, gets a free hit outside the circle.
49'Wilson in the circle, tries for a PC but Jasjit comes up with a super tackle. Counter form India.
48'Ramandeep with the push, Rupindrpal takes a rolling drag on the right post but fails to beat the line defender.
47'** Penalty Corner : Manpret in the D, gets NZ defender's foot. PC!**
46'Surender with a super run, comes up with a cross inside the circle, Ramandeep gets a delection but defender puts that away.
45'Fourth Quarter underway.
45'End of the third quarter.
45'India holding on to the position with last few seconds on the clock.
43'India on the attack now, Ramandeep from the left takes a reverse shot looking for Sunil but struck it over the bar.
41'** Goal : NZ in the circle, Woods with the strike, Harjot saves it, Wilson gets it in re-bound as he makes no mistake in putting that in.**
40'Long ball in for Sunil in the D, Sunil stops it brilliantly looking for Talwinder but Russell was alert to take the danger away.
39'Kiwis with the position, makes a lifting cross. Umpire calls it dangerous.
38'Good run by Ramandeep Singh, beats 2 in the way but fails to get through the third defender.
37'** Goal : Good run by Manpreet to Uthappa outside the D, the latter gives it to Mandeep who makes a first time strike beating the NZ goalkeeper.**
36'Kothajit with a super spin to make a move, finds Uthappa who makes a cross that struck Kiwi defender's foot.
35'Chinglinsena to Sardar, who takes a direct reverse but ball lifts up. Free hit to New Zealand.
34'Good run by Indians, Danish to Sunil on the left, the latter beats 1 in the way and tries for a PC. the GK comes up and removes the danger.
33'Rupinderpal with the long ball for Uthappa, simon child was alert to take the position.
32'NZ with the attack, makes a reverse cross as Woods gets a deflection but struck wide.
31'Manpreet to Kothajit who finds Rupinderpal in their half.
30'Third Quarter underway.
30'End of second quarter.
30'Chinglinsena with the ball, who makes a long cross in but the ball lifts up. Umpire called it dangerous.
29'** Goal : Russell with the drag as the ball kisses Manpreet's stick and straight into the net on Harjot's right.**
29'** Penalty Corner : Wilson with some good skills, got tackled by Rupinderpal in the D.**
28'Uthappa with the run from right, makes a good ball for Talwinder as the latter tries to find Kiwi foot but fails to get one.
27'Kiwis enters the D again, makes a shot but Rupinderpal clears it away.
26'NZ again with the position, enters the D tries for a PC. Indian defence is alert.
25'Woods with the position for Kiwis, plays it back into their half.
24'NZ on the attack from the left, enters the D tries to find Indian foot. Uthappa was alert to remove the danger.
24'NZ on the attack from the left, enters the D tries to find Indian foot. Uthappa was alert to remove the danger.
23'Rupinderpal with the drag and he strikes it on the top post, Manchester lifts his stick to clear it away over the post.
22'** Penalty Corner : Ramandeep on the left flank, makes a move and enters the D to show some brilliant 3D skills and get defender's foot.**
21'Kothajit to Rupinderpal in India's half, who finds Harmanpreet on the left.
20'NZ relaying more on one on one passes, keeping ball under their stick.
19'NZ on the attack, tries to get into the circle, Rupinderpal comes in way to remove the danger.
18'Manpreet takes the free hit, makes a running cross for Sunil but just wide of the latter.
17'Sunil to Ramandeep who gets a free hit.
16'Rupinderpal with the scooping ball, ends up land in to NZ player.
15'Second Quarter underway.
15'End of first quarter.
15'NZ tries to get on the ball, Mandeep Singh comes in defence still umpire gives advantage against him for a tackle.
14'NZ with the position, makes a long ball which struck Indian defender on the way. Free hit for NZ.
13'NZ with the attack, makes a cross from right but no support in the circle.
12'Harmanpreet sweeps but gives the position away.
10'Uthappa to Talwinder who looks for a foot. Ends up giving it to Kiwi player.
9'Sardar to Harmanpreet who makes a long scooping ball for Sunil, defender comes in to get a stick on it.
8'Jasjit with a long ball for Ramandeep on the right, the latter couldn't control it clearly.
7'Mandeep with the long run into the circle, beats one and makes a cross, the goalkeeper gets his stick on it to clear it away.
6'Harmanpreet to Rupinder who gives it back to him, Harmanpreet then finds surender who fails to control as the ball goes out of play.
5'NZ with the attack, cross comes in from the right, but struck striker's foot. Free hit to India.
4'Danish with the run, gets the ball under his foot on the way. Umpire whistles to give advantage to Kiwis.
3'Sardar and Wilson drives for the ball, the latter gets it eventually.
2'Harmanpreet to Surender who tries to hold on but gives away cheaply, NZ on the attack.
0'First quarter underway.
0'Akash Chitke starts again for India ahead of Harjot Singh.
0'Apart from their loss against Australia, the Sardar Singh's team have looked composed and at top of their opposition. With the likes of Manpreet Singh, SV Sunil, Rupinderpal, Talwinder, Surender Kumar and Harmanpreet are looking in fine touch.
0'It's game day as India play New Zealand in their game 5 of this Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament in Malaysia (Ipoh).