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want 2 join your hockey ( 9/14/2011 3:23:50 PM)
lift the indian hockey in sky
Jr Asia Cup ( 6/19/2011 12:29:54 PM)
Jr Asia Cup Can you tell me is India playing in the Jr Asia Cup held in June in Singapore ????
Information for HOCKEY UMPIRING COURSES in India Required ( 4/26/2011 4:13:44 PM)
Dear Sir/Mam, Hello and Greetings. I am 35 years old , and former Hockey Player. I want to be a Hockey Umpire as its impossible for me to remain away from TURF.Please guide me the institute for courses in HOCKEY UMPIRING in India. I shall be thanksful to you OR refer me to the concerned person/Deptt. Thanks with regards.Hope for your precious/prompt response. Mohinder Jeet Singh, Patiala
Hockey. ( 1/7/2011 3:56:30 PM)
Congratulations and well done on a fantastic,informative website.I have followed your website for a long time and it goes from strength to strength.You do a great service for Indian and World hockey.I cannot say the same for the authorities that parade as HI and IHF.Just heard that HI has chosen 10 selectors to do the job of 2 people including the coach.What a backward and impossible task.It is not possible for 10 men to agree on anything.I had to check my calendar thinking it was April 1st(April Fools Day) Keep up the good work with your great website. Best wishes and thanks.
best player for 2010 ( 12/31/2010 2:43:52 PM)
Rani ramphal and Arjun Halapa or Sandeep Singh
Hockey Year Book's Best Player of 2010 ( 12/30/2010 3:10:49 PM)
Men: Sardar Singh Women: Rani Rampal 2nd Choice (Women): Joydeep Kaur
On Parghat or Performance Director ( 12/28/2010 1:42:50 PM)
Dear Mr. Arumugam, While I am happy you have clarified to one of your site's viewers misconeption on your views on Mr. Paragt appointmetn as the Head of the Technical Committee. I for one felt that though your article was well intent one but somewhere the word " parghat downgraded " mentiioned by you perhaps was the reason for misunderstanding. Now that you have so well cleared the air, I am sure readers will now know the true intent. I also appreciate your eye opening suggestion to get the entire idea analysed through a Performance Director. I am sure along with Mr. Paragat & other members, more indepth anlysis from the Performance Director if appointed will do jusitice in picking the right person. KKrishnamurthy Hon. Secretary Karnataka State Hockey Association
Author's reply to Mr. Benipal ( 12/27/2010 7:48:52 PM)
Dear visitor, tks for the comment It was one of the painful articles to write. I want Pargat Singh either as Secretary or President of hockey admn, nothing less. That is the message of the article. With regard to 'double standards' i don't have any players as my favourite. Yes, I respect all the players whether they formed part of winning team or losing. However, when the players who could not show on the ground, come in the way of proper hoceky development, i take a strong view. My wish India should have performance director (foreign expert) who will decide who should coach India and other details, not the players and coaches who failed everytime in the last 20 years or more. You might recall I also wrote Dhanraj should first coach a State team and bring it to the laurels before claiming to be national coach. In the last 25 years none of my heroes could win any major tournament, that is exactly the reason they should not coach or select team. We should leave this to experts from foreign who will not have any hesitation to drop a bad player, will be unbiased in team selection etc
Pargat singh ( 12/26/2010 2:15:16 PM)
Dear Sir, Surprising article on humiliating Pargat Singh. Just a thought your hero Dhanraj Pillai didn't win any major titles either and you support him!!! Double standards????
Your generous attitude was touching ( 11/29/2010 5:34:40 PM)
Hello Sir, This is Krishnamurthy, friend of Clement - PT Master, St. Anthony School. I came to watch the the Hockey Tournament yesterday at Egmore. I was quite impressed by the way you treated everyone. I wish that you would continue encouraging hockey players. Thank you Sir for being very generous. Regards, Krishnamurthy 9841448903
Your web-page Register ( 9/27/2010 9:39:46 PM)
The drop down entry for date of birth when registering only allows for people aged 60 or less (ie; those born as late as 1950 or later) Are you suggesting we 'oldies' are too old to participate and should 'drop off the perch'? I was born 15 years earlier and was thus forced to 'lie' about my age.
WISH INDIAN WOMEN TEAM ( 9/6/2010 1:25:05 PM)
Awesome Website ( 2/11/2010 10:04:35 AM)
Hi, Awesome Website. Keep up the good work. Hopefully Indian Hockey team wud also be able to: CHAK DE!!!!!!!
Hockey India days numbered ( 2/3/2010 5:26:13 PM)
Dear Editor, Though your story had come as a leaf of fresh air but all the same it is remained to be seen what will be the reaction of FIH. Will they follow Sports Ministry by withdarwing affiliation granted to Hockey India. Unless both these two entities act together, there can be huge confusion and again it will experience a state of uncertainity. Hockey cannot be put into this kind ordeal for ever. Sports ministry should convince FIH and qucikly act keeping a definite time frame to have a elected body in place. Let us all hope at least this time the entire matter is ended in a positive note. KannanKrishnamurthy, Hon. Secretary, Karnataka State Hockey Association.
Hockey India - struggling to firm up its structure ( 1/31/2010 10:37:35 PM)
Dear Editor, I have in my letter dated the 6th July 2009 to you, has cautioned that Hockey India should be fair and true in its dealings and added that if any erroneous decisions taken would lead to the doors of Courts. Exactly that is what are being witnessed now. Hockey India should do soul searching and introspection as to why the entire exercise of its has fallen like a pack of cards and they will find te answer. No one can achieve positive result if the intention is otherwise than fair and level playing. with plethora of court cases, I have my own doubt whether the elected hockey india body would be in place soon. Hockey India should stop fighting with sports minsitry and instead make efforts to win all the affiliated units by its well intention /action. Today hockey has not reached a stage to afford a confronttion with sports ministry. The birth of Hockey India itself is a faulty one and continue to falter at every step that it takes. Sadly FIH and Sports Mistry too needs to be faulted for their hasty decision of giving affilaition / recognition. If these two bodies, have not accorded affilaiton / recognition, no one would have joined Hockey India. I sincerely appeal to Hockey India to change its style of functioning, be fair and true and do not think of hoisting itself at pedestal in an undemocratic manner and by employing arm twisting means through the state olympic associations. Hockey India is meant for the people who have manged the hockey sport over a period and certainly not meant to be occupied by the people of other games. KannanKrishnamurthy, Hon. Secretary, Karnataka State Hockey Association.
How to make payment to Women Hockey ( 1/24/2010 9:53:12 PM)
Sir: I would like to make the appeal below- please publish- as I have lost my username and password- and requested you for a reset- but I assume you folks are busy. Please send me the username and password when you can- so I can login myself and post. I just donated $100.00- to the bank account just set up by four India Womens Hockey players- and I feel good about it! Please do what you can and give freely to the cause of Indian Hockey. India has traditionally underpaid and shortchanged it's national team hockey players-both Men & Women. It's time more people are aware that the power to change that also lies with the common hockey lover. It's simple enough- just make an online remittance- for example google "online remittance by HDFC Bank" its an Indian bank which permits online remittances to bank accounts in India- set up an account and send money- all pretty quick. The initial set up needs the bank to confirm you are an authentic person- after that it is quick- and I'm sure many banks offer this service. Happy donating to the cause of the poor Indian Womens Hockey team! Bala Krishnamurthy
Hockey India - an authoritatian and arbitrary action by IOA ( 6/7/2009 3:07:54 PM)
Dear Editor, some of us who are in the game of hockey as Administrators are aware that a unfied hockey body should be in a place and that there is no two opinion in this regard. But what is being objected to is the way it was formed which is unconstituional and illegal. It is ridiculous to note that a sports body has been constituted without constituents to it. Why IOA thought it to keep the matter hide and seek. What prevented IOA in having a transparent dialogue with the affiliated units of both men and women.One is forced to suspect the move of IOA. Even at the time of forming Hockey India, IOA could have invloved elected hockey state units representatives of both men and women by inclduing their names and that perhaps could have atleast sent a positive signal and good intention.But what IOA has done is bringing in borowed persons from other games as if there is a shortage of talents of hockey administrator. IOA by its unilateral and unethical action, has created chaos and turmoil in the country. It should find a way out to come out of this crisis created by its own selfish officials. IOA should have positive mind to do the course correction and threatening through respective State olympic body would not seve the purpose. Hope IOA takes the cognizance of the FIH letter in its true spirit and ensure that all the affilaited units are invloved. For this start the exercise afresh by providing proper platform and atmosphere to the affilaited units. Buldozing would not do and that can only lead to the courts. Let them be well reminded of the Kolkota High court judgement on the logo issue. IOA should show magnaminity and true sportsman spirit in handling the so called Hockey India matter in a spirit of good comrardrie. A moot qustion is that will they do ? I doubt because by now every Indian is aware of thier hidden agenda - world cup / common wealth game. Sports Ministry also appears to be fishing in the troubled waters. Hope it comes clean by advising IOA to see the reason and restore the sanity. Kannan Krishnamurthy Secretary Karnataka State Hockey Association Bangalore
Editor's Reply: I preferred to shoot that day ( 5/22/2009 9:52:39 PM)
Dear Mr. Koerner, Thanks for the feedback and the querry. Normally, I take photographs of the matches as well. After the Live Commentary thing I am in a big quandary as I have to sacrifice photographs. I need these photos for my site, and also to compile Hockey Year Books in the year end. I thought of utilizing the India-Bangla match for taking photos. Further, this was the only match staged 9 AM, I was doubtful whether the Media room will be opened or not, even if so the wireless will be there or not. Simply I went into photo thing. I also got a few private mails on missing out this. Am sorry, I need to have at least one staff for my job. That is sure for the future. Thanks once again for your post. Cheers K. Arumugam
Asia Cup ( 5/14/2009 12:44:46 PM)
Dear Mr. Arumugan, why you decided not to bring live commentary of the match India-Bangladesh. Team India failed to qualify for the semi-final but there are still supporters of Indian Hockey.
Why we did not fair well in Previous Azlan Shah hockey tournaments..... ( 4/17/2009 6:42:58 AM)
If you really analyze our past performance, the IHF should be blamed for not picking up the right squad for Azlan Shah. Secondly, if you take it in right spirit of planning, IHF should be congratulated for having played the right role of selecting this tournament Azlan shah as a base for exposing the development squad players from time to time. As, most of the coaches all over the world consider Azlan shah as an experiment stage for testing their team, new players and new tasks. Just take a glimpse of teams that represented India in Azlan Shah from 2001. The Indian team had barely completed the world cup qualifiers in 2001 and had no recovery time to go for azlan shah, hence IHF decided to send a second string with NS Sodhi/Rajinder for 2001 Azlan Shah. In 2002 Rajinder preferred to take the 2001 Junior world cup squad as a build up team. In 2004 the Juniors led by Harendra with two oldies namely Dhanraj and Baljit Dhillon went for the azlan shah. In 2005 Rajinder Junior picked up his players from Punjab Sindbank for the tour, in 2006/07 Carvalho prefered players from IOC, in 2008 Bansal brought his Junior squad with some mixed senior players retruning from Australia test series and in 2009 only we had the actual full Indian team for the tournament. If it is this approach... how could we fare well in past Azlan shah hockey tournaments.
Thank you ( 4/14/2009 10:06:09 PM)
Dear Mr. Arumugam The Results relating to Azhlan Shah CupHockey tournament was very useful to me The pain and hard work you taken in the regard has no word to praise because there is no telecast for such a top tournament. Once again I thank you for the hard work. yours, sivaguru chennai
Congrats to Dilip Tirkey ( 4/9/2009 10:56:10 PM)
Dear Mr Arumugham, I would like to congratulate Mr Dilip Tirkey on the fabulous achievement . I have like many others been a keen supporter of the Indian Hockey over decades. It is great to know that players like Dilip do their best for the country in the face of little recognition and reward in a sport which is riddled with politics. I would like to wish Dilip all the best for the future. Thank you also for keeping us posted with all the developments. Regards, Bhavani Peddinti, Auckland , New Zealand
It's sad matches are not telecast ( 4/8/2009 11:52:38 PM)
Hi Nalini, I understand your pain in putting your anguish on hockey matches not telecast. It's pity it has been so happening for quite some time.

As far as I remember, starting from 2001 when Ten Sports entered the scene, either ten sports or ESPN have been telecasting the Aslan Shah Cup, as we were told the orgnizers Malaysian Hockey Federation have a tie up with either of them.

Last year in the Azlan Shah Cup matches were telecast though most of them deferred ones by a few hours.

Probably we should not sit and keep worrying. Persons like you should launch campaign, and write to all TV channels and organizers as well. We should all do something on this. Tks for putting your views in the site. Bye, Arumugam

Why hockey matches are not telecasted on TV ( 4/7/2009 3:41:13 PM)
Azlan Shah Cups is going on in Malaysia but the sad part of it is, its not been telecasted on TV, if these things happen how will people get interest in the game. Its not only Azlan Shah Cups non of the international hockey matches are telecasted. This is the reason why hockey is been ignored.
This website ( 3/23/2009 2:40:20 PM)
I came to know about this website very late, good content. and the web commentary is a great thing. Dear editor, please keep up the good work
Indian hockey ( 2/10/2009 9:13:12 PM)
Dear Editor, The debacle in administering Hockey in India is so sad to watch. I have had the privilege of attending the F.I.H course with Harendra in Perth, who attended the master course with Rajinder. In the intervening period, India appointed 3 coaches, over a period of 4 years. It is surprising to hear that an F.I.H instructor, rather than an active hands on International coach, is being appointed for the run up to the World Cup. I work in England, and people should note that England’s painful progress is based on a stable coaching structure. An Olympic cycle is not long enough for a coach, and his team, to make an impact at International Level. India has vast resources, and innovative and dedicated athletes. Sadly it would appear, that it is the administrators, that need to take a greater responsibility in directing the sport. Not to have established continuity in administration, and in coaching appointments, is the greatest failure of all. India needs help in this particular role …in Sports administration. With its World Class teaching institutions in management, surely changes can be made. Its nieve to think that conflicting views of Ex Internationals, career civil servants, local politicians and regional hockey interest groups can ever direct the sport.
Perhaps a Corporate Sponsor can impose a world class structure as a pre requiste to its involvement. Its however unlikely to happen, in this climate, of financial doom and gloom. Its equally unlikely that India could return to a podium finish with a Spanish appointee …….Hockey cultural differences, the language, and India’s recent failures cannot be addressed by a Master Coach that has played no role in the successful Spain Men’s (Dutch Coached) team. Pedigree is essential, and if Charlesworth was over looked, this smacks of dumbing down India’s needs!
India is capable enough with her home produced athletes and coaches and medical support staff. What you need is a period way from your administrators, replaced by world class specialists recruited from the many World Class Organisations within India. Hockey is poorer in entertainment value at world class events without the Indians. We need you back, and soon!
Punjab Gold Cup ( 2/10/2009 7:13:57 PM)
Dear Editor. Just concluded Punjab Gold Cup Hockey Tournament was a show casing of hockey talents. India raised to the occasion and not disappointed the huge crowd who relentlessly rooted for the home team. What is now required of the national side is sustaining the good show and maintain the consitency in their performance. It is also important that the progarmme is well planned and over burdened with too much of hockey. Preserving the players fresh and motivated is the key for continued better performance. In the past over loaded engagements what with several meaningless and purposeless camps made the Indian team exhasuted and fatique and this gave death knell to the team's cause. Let us hope the sense of judgement and understanding prevails with the coaches and administrators for ensuring that the players are kept with abundant confidence and a motivated lot. regds. Kannan Krishnamurthy
Punjab gold Cup - Live commentry ( 2/1/2009 8:29:09 PM)
Dear Editor, I am highly immpressed with the site's improvemment. PGC live commentry is really appreciative one. I am a keen follower of the game but unnfortunaely I could not get a chance to watch the match on TV today as my cable connection has been disconnecteed becasue of my son's exam but all the same I did not miss the on going position of the match, as I could get all the recipies from your live commmentry. Keep it up & good job regards Kannan krishnamurthy
I had a thrilling week ( 1/25/2009 10:51:05 AM)
I appreciate Indian teams poise, their intensity, their skill, their grace, their team work and their sportsmanship. As someone who has been an athlete my whole life, and now makes a life by studying and training athletes, I hope my appreciation of indian players is of course a reflection of their families, their character and their coaching. Well done, India at Sydney. Thanks India again for a thrilling week.
Indian juniors in Sydney ( 1/24/2009 10:26:00 PM)
I watched the junior boys in Sydney. They are really good and quite skill full. We all could see your hard work and effort of the coach to bring the team to this level We all were a bit disappointed that they lost the final, but what all the Aussies were saying------------- that they were just unlucky on the day. The Indians outplayed the Australian teams. The only thing I can suggest is to give the boys more international exposure as the boys are young and still have to embrace the western style. Once they get used to the western world, they should be fine I really enjoyed teams company. I hope you guys are preparing for the world cup in Malaysia and Singapore
Ric better qualified than Barsa..... ( 1/20/2009 6:45:44 AM)
If you go by records Ric (7 championships for Australia)was better qualified than Barsa (just 1) .. then how you compromise with lesser credentials person such as Barsa?.. Does IOA and SAI officials know the achievements of RIC? The IOA/SAI Babu's are mere jokers...... According to some of the players who played 2004 Athens Olympics, Geramn coach Rasch needed a translator such as Jagbir Singh in to translate his plans...But finally he just hanged in the team meeting with names of the players to playing in various positions... and Jagbir had to spell out the tactics to players because most of the players never understood what the German was saying.. So we can expect the same from this 'videshi' coach..
Who says there are no qualified trainers and physios in India? ( 1/20/2009 6:28:24 AM)
It is really bull shit statement made by the IOA officials saying that there are no qualified trainers and Physios in India.. For your information it is a customary feeling among our Indians that we depend more on the 'whiteman' and we do not have faith on our own Indians.. For your information, the Indian trainers have done well in the past namely during Dr. Saju Joseph's time in 1998 we did win 1998 Asian Games after 32 years. Mr. Sampath did proud by winning the Junior World Cup, Asian championship, Afro Asian games and so on.. Mr. Mathai another trainer did well for Azlanshah cup in 2008 and Mr. Prasad as stated by former national coach Carvalho did well again in Asia cup in Chennai.. Our Women hockey won 2002 Commonwealth Games...So are our Physical trainers bad?? What have the foreign coaches and experts done so far? Was it not our own coaches and trainers brought them up to this level? The IOA officias are just a basket of shit... they do not know what is happening to sports in our country and devlopmen behind it.. Mind you that our Indian Doctors and physios have excelled and are recognized much more in foreign countries such as in USA and UK than anyother country doctors and physios...Jose Brasa wants "homegeneous people to work with" the same time requests for trainers and physios from Spain or other country? If it is from other country - how does he know that the physios and trainers belong to the homogeneous group? Then he will also find fault with our players also by saying that they are not homogeneous group - as they are from different states, speak different language, culture, etc,.. basically Brasa want to monopolize Indian hockey by bringing his own people... We have already seen in reality with Rasch the German coach...I am sure we are going to plunge down further if this kind of people are brought in ....
Congratulations: d site is a milestone in history of Hockey ( 1/3/2009 3:06:06 PM)
This site is a real boon for Hockey our national game,losing its foot due to lack of media exposure. This step surely going to get back game's fame and boost interest of young lad in playing and watching it. the section which i liked the most is LIVE COMMENTARY. HATS OFF for maintaining and revival of nation's pride!
Premier Hockey League ( 1/2/2009 3:16:57 PM)
Dear Mr. Kenny, The PHL was due this month. Due to owner ship issues the present administrators have with the previous IHF regime, it could not be held. The issues are to be settled in a court of law, which is already looking into it. The way things go, it looks no question of PHL at least for another 6 months. The PHL will surely be held perhaps late in the year. cheers K. Arumugam Editor
premier hockey league ( 1/2/2009 3:03:14 AM)
Dear Sir, Does the 'Premier Hockey League' still take place. If so do you know when the next edition will be taking place. Best regards, Kenny
Save TN Hockey from the hands of the past poor administrators ( 10/23/2008 12:43:54 PM)
I have been close follower of your articles in this heavenly hockey web site. You are doing a fabulous job of taking hockey to every ones doors. Hats of to your great job. I used to read all your articles and your the real torch Brear now to save TN hockey from the so called poor and unethical administrators who have no passion for hockey rather than their own comforts. You have the strength to make everyone to fight against the unfair regime.
Pay Attention to National Game ( 10/22/2008 8:53:35 PM)
I am a great hockey fan because i am serving with G.G.S.S.School Mall Road, Amritsar, which has a very rich heritage of hockey. Photographs of Common wealth champions, England - Manjinder kaur & Amandeep Kaur in our pricipal's office reminds our every student & teacher that hockey can bring such pride to every institution like this....... CHAK DE HOCKEY, CHAK DE INDIA.....
Just dont blame the Namdharis alone...... Karnataka state hockey association league ( 10/15/2008 11:37:30 AM)
In this regard I have to say, that the standard of umpiring was quite poor. Except for Arun Babu, Virender, Raghu Prasad... all the other umpires did not have any class in umpiring. People like Hardeep Singh and Palangappa himself could not run.... Half of the time Hardeep Singh used to talk to public while officiating. There was no communication between the umpires. As a manager for umpires, there was no discussion among the umpires and the tournament director, so called Mr. Palangappa. I could see the umpires walking away immediately after the match. During Penalty corners, the opposite umpire never went to support the other umpire from the centre of the pitch to see the first runner of the defense. The tournament officials too lacked knowledge about the rules of the game, especially when Didar (Namdhari coach) was shown red card and asked to move out from the bench - the number of players from the field remained 11. There was no uniformity in officiating. Delay in PC push, Palangappa blew always against the attacking team. There was no warning given to attacking teams pusher in this case. I think Palangappa and his fellow officials need to have a fitness test from time to time before a tournament like this (the umpires rarely moved in the field - it would have been better to give a chair to the umpires in the field to officiate) and should also have umpiring clinics and encourage more youngsters to take up officiating..... Just boasting about the facilities of KSHA is not enough, but they need to educate, train, organise clinics, workshop for umpires and players from time to time to avoid such untoward incidences. Please encourage players also to take up officiating and do pay the umpires well per match so that, they dont just change the decisions in the field for having received a T-shirt given by the coach of favoured team......
Why hockey is not developed (popular)in India? ( 10/14/2008 6:24:27 PM)
I think people are not giving importance to hockey they are just neglecting it .Also the media is not promoting hockey ,at school levels also its not given the importance .hockey don't have marketing like cricket..... Why hockey is not developed (popular)in India? MANY THINGS RESPONSIBLE 1.GOVERNMENT 2.SPORTS DEPT. 3.INDIAN HOCKEY FEDERATION. 4.NO SPONCERS. 5.NO COMMITMENT FROM THE CURRENT AND EX-PLAYERS. 6.NO ENCOURAGEMENT AT LOWER LEVEL 7.MOST IMPORTANT............NO ENOUGH PLAY GROUNDS. The peoples who r working for developing hockey in india i appreciate them and there dedication towards hockey ( 10/14/2008 1:02:06 PM)
I like this site. some images not getting downloaded. Where is the wallpapers? i love hockey players wall papers.
mr. PARMJIT SINGH RANDHAWA ( 10/10/2008 1:29:41 PM)
satsriakal sr, sir u r working hard to popularise the hockey,as i know how r u working. not even IHF work so hard as u r. i resquest god that every player u found would be like"THE LEGEND DYANCHAND". THUHADA MANOJ
Hockey ( 10/10/2008 1:24:02 PM)
Its a very gud site and a very gud way to promote should be promoted in everyway as its our national game.everyone who knows about this site should tell all their friends about it.Wana see the craze of hockey in people more than the craze of cricket.
way to go...! ( 10/10/2008 12:12:27 PM)
Its realy nice to see the content of this website..for a lay man like me,it was great to see so much stuff on our national game..and acquire knowledge. Its always gud when such awareness creating sites come up.hope it helps bringing up hockey back to its deserved stage.!
we love hockey game ( 10/9/2008 12:28:10 PM)
Sat sri akal to all hockey lovers.sadi national game hockey hai par eh India ch bahut thore lokan nu pta hai.reason eh k asi hockey ton door hunde ja rahe han.sanu chahida hai k asin kockey layi kUj kariye.Village Butala cha asin Baba Pallah Hockey Club bnaya hai.sade kol everyday 150 players(boys &Girls) training lai rahe club cho every year 9-10 players national khed jande club cho training lai k 20 players Punjab dian academies ch khed rahe tuhada v sarian di duty bandi hai v hockey layi kuj kro.jithe players field ch zor lgaunde han othe sade journalist veer Prof. Randhawa,Jagroop jarkhar,Jatinder sabi field de bahr hockey di progress layi work kar rahe han.JAD TAK EH DUNIA AABAD RAHU,SADI HOCKEY ZINDABAD RAHU.Is year 8,9,10 Nov. nu butala ch 5th sri guru hargobind sahib gold cup (under-14) kraya ja riha hai.aap sabh nu asin invite karde han. Prabhjot Singh Chahal Member Baba pallah sports club Butata(amritsar)
hockey ( 10/8/2008 3:56:00 PM)
i am proud of my shri ram shram school because it is named after shri ram chander je who told us the true religion we should belive in it depicts indian religion hockey is our national game and pride of indian culture me amrit randhawa and my friends Bani, Garima, Chahat & Amrita are great fan of hockey chak de india and shah rukh khan. My papa Sukhjinder singh randhawa, my mamu Yadwinder singh sandhawalia, my nanu S. Sarbjit singh sandhawalia, play hockey, eat hockey sleep hockey
hockey ( 10/8/2008 3:43:29 PM)
i am proud of my shri ram shram school because it is named after shri ram chander je who told us the true religion we should belive in it depicts indian religion hockey is our national game and pride of indian culture me amrit randhawa and my friends Bani, Garima, Chahat & Amrita are great fan of hockey chak de india and shah rukh khan. My papa Sukhjinder singh randhawa, my mamu Yadwinder singh sandhawalia, my nanu S. Sarbjit singh sandhawalia, play hockey, eat hockey sleep hockey
national game ( 9/30/2008 12:42:25 AM)
this is a very good or the best work done by u to make HOCKEY populer among the youth of HOCKEY is the national game of our country but the youth of india doesn`t give much importance to it becoz cricket has occupied space in their hearts. i will suggest u to make populer this game among small children or in small towns becoz their r many children who doesn`t know this national game
This website ( 9/28/2008 2:15:05 PM)
I think there is not much about players, their lifestyle etc. I don't even see any wallposts. these will add daily utility to your site. am in IT line, u need any help? let us be in touch with hockey matters. carry on. don't give up.
Hockey News ( 9/20/2008 4:24:36 PM)
i lik hockey ( 9/17/2008 8:44:03 PM)
jida bhangra,sadi shann hai ...similarly hockey sadi pechan hai...
Funny Seminar ( 9/5/2008 7:29:44 PM)
I happened to go through an article in Hindu (05-09-08) on Kaushik stating that people should respect yester years heroes.If they have to respected they should contribute further to the sports rather than play politics. What have they contributed? How many of them have contributed? One Olympian pulls the leg of other? One coach pulls the leg of other? A couple of them are doing something for hockey. But what about others? Unless they are given a job of national coach - they dont even turn up to grounds. Have they organised any seminar for coaches who are really working on the field? Can they contribute any article constructive enough on hockey, skill, training, tactics, latest trends, etc.? No doubt yester year Olympians played well then. But now they could have contributed more specifically in terms seminars and conducting research and aiding national coaches. What happened to Carvalho? He is nowehere to be seen in the field? What about MP Singh who assisted Carvalho (the PC specialist)? You want even find their dust on the field. What they accept only hot seats? Why not they are continuing their job as a coach? Another hockey person/olympian who was head of SAI teams wing for sometime... what did he do to improve hockey? He himself to meet his own ends compromised on his ellow staff in channeling hockey in the right direction. Comon Olympians - by talking somethings like playing yester years in grass, and respecting heroes are not accepted by the new generation. They would like to see people in action rather than just talking. They want to see the yester year heroes on the ground rather than sitting on a TV channel and singing same old songs. How can you expect a team to win laurels without working to achive them. Winning a second place in 3rd rated Azlanshah hockey tournament this year is no merit at all. You provide opportunities for players, facilities and right nourishement in terms of skill and fitness, the product will be wonderful. The academies all over India are filled with capable and quality players, channel them in the right direction under right people. But just clean up the mess of feeding overage players in junior and sub junior sections. The standard will be much better. Our hockey is not wounded as stated by Jagbir Singh. But the Olympians are digging graveyard for hockey, and still lamenting with past glory. US are no more on top of medal tally - the Chinese have super-seeded them. Kaushik and fellow Olympians - ask the former heroes to walk into the hockey field rather than marching on the streets of Delhi. Strive to achieve the laurels rather than lamenting on it. If not this lament will lasts for ever.
Mr. Suresh Kalmadi impending meeting with State Hockey Associations ( 9/1/2008 7:25:08 PM)
Dear Editor, Mr. Suresh Kalmadi should have convened the meeting of the affiliated units of IHF immediately upon suspending the IHF headed by Mr KPS Gill and apprised the reasons for the suspension of IHF. Also, he should have set out the future domestic / international plan after obtaining the views from them. This would have instilled a lot of confidence with all the State Hockey Associations. The delay has led to no confidence with IOA. Many of the units are openly voicing that IOA has hidden agenda and set to hang on to the affairs of hockey for a long time - may be upto 2010 or may be 2012. This suspician appears to be true because of the Court case. Mr. KPS Gill, should see the entire situation in a right perspective and do well to withdraw the court case. This would pave way for all the affilaited units to pressure and prevail upon IOA to hold the election at the earliest and hand over the reins to the democratically elected new body. Will he do is the million dollor question. If he is not doing, he would be indeed allowing IOA to run the Indian hockey for a long time. As and when Mr. Suresh Kalmadi convens the said meeting, he must assure all the affilaited units that IOA would not hang on a day more than it is necessary. Well, the entire hockey matter in the country is fluid and uncertain. All the well meaning people should apply their mind collectively and work towards forging a unity. Will Bengal Hockey Association initative in holding a seminar in Amby valley throw answer to this buring question. Need of the hour is every state body should aviod politicking and work selflessly for foging a unity leading to a strong and workable body. Let us wait with eternal hope. regds Kannan Krishnamurthy Hon.Secretary Karnataka State Hockey Association Bangalore. ( 8/30/2008 5:41:29 PM)
good work done. keep it up. in case you need informatin about public sector hockey or delhi schools hockey, please contact me. I expect human interst posts on hockey, to make it more interesting. otherwise the site is good one.
Mr. J B Roy throowing his hat in the ring for top IHF post ( 8/19/2008 6:37:27 PM)
Mr. Roy has taken a lead and hope that paves many enter into fray for the top post of IHF. All will agree that Hockey cannot be run by an ad-hoc committee for a long time. It is time that all the affilaited units of IHF joins and put pressure on IOA to find way for hoisting newly elected democratic body in place at the earliest. Many have already voiced their concern that IOA may extend their lease on the Federation till 2010 obviously with reasons that two important international hockey events are programmed. By bringing all the affiliated units on a same platform to ascertain the views of all concerned and this is by all means is a right course and democratic methods. Sahaara has been providing support for Indian Hockey for the past 10 years which is a reflection that they are interested in promting the game sincerely. When the intent is good and noble, why should not Mr Roy be encouraged to be in the fray and take the mantle of admistering the body. He will not by any way fall below the standard that we have had witnessed to hitherto. Mr Roy thowing his hat in the ring is good and everyone should welcome it. Hope all the affilaited units thinks alike in the matter.
good website ( 8/7/2008 9:27:34 PM)
i chanced upon this site very late. it is informative, with new things in it. But there is less news on olympics.
junior asia cup win ( 7/20/2008 11:02:47 PM)
it is great to see india doing something on the fields. junior asia cup win is wonderful, and the boys should be nurtured so that a strong indian team comes up. btw, what is the next tournament for India?
Junior asia cup ( 7/5/2008 3:54:10 PM)
anybody knows the schedule of junior asia cup coming in the hyderabad?
Misconcept on match fixing ( 6/28/2008 12:50:58 PM)
I find that the press persons in Malaysia does not know hockey and they do not know how to spell out the problem when it comes out in press. Malaysians had 1 won against New Zeland and 2-0, drawn with Canada 2-2, Lost to Pakistan 3-2, Lost to Aregentina 5-0, Lost to Belgium 4-2 and Lost to India 2-1. They had only 4 points to their credit and were last in the round robin league. Pakistan was one of the team to enter into the finals as they had 10 points from 6 matches. India had 9 points from 5 matches and their last league match was against Malaysian and had to win to enter the finals. Indians did play the game well and could have easily scored many goals. Whereas Malaysians scored their only goal against India was after the hooter through PC). The Indian as they were leading 2-0 at the time of hooter, did not put much effort to stop the PC which Malaysia had scored. I feel that is the only time Indians took things lightly. And it is quite obvious that, as they had already won the match, conceeding 1 goal through PC was incosequence to the team standing and qualification to finals. Further avoiding injuries or any untoward incidence - that is the time Malaysia scored the goal. Even then the final ranking of Malaysia in this tournament was no.7. What could India benefit then on fixing match when their team did not perform throughout the tournament well. The Malaysians now claim that match fixing was done among the Malaysian senior and junior players when they played the last match against India. This could be more appropriate, as it is understood that most of the Malaysian hockey players are not employed unlike in India or In Pakistan where they are employed if they play hockey to certain level. The Malaysian played do get paid by their association and national sports council. Only few of them are employed, whereas the majority of players are students or do not even strive to get employed. Hence, there tendency for players to squander their money that they receive is only through betting among themselves. I think, thats is the real truth that the players must have indulged. Moreover Malaysian hockey has been undergoing mixed reactions from the public after it failed to qualify for 2008 Olympics. Hence, they got to burst their tears through some forum and that is what happening now. Had it been match fixing, they would have put the entire blame on Indian players and coaching officials. Hence we are lucky that this issue theirs and not an issue for Indian players.
Sad state of affairs in women hockey ( 6/26/2008 4:35:22 PM)
Haryana government and the sports department where MK Kaushik works must have realized that Kaushik does not know how to coach? Perhaps thats the reason they are not releasing him from his office.... Moreover Kaushik did not do any wonders in his coaching... He could not plan any programme nor could deliver anything in training. If you go through his book he has mentioned about few exchange bouts among players and indiscipline exhibited by some of the players who played 1998 Asian Games. Then how can people claim that he kept the whole team under one umbrella?? Haryana government must have studied his 'Golden boot'. I think his book itself has kicked him. Presently sad to see his assistant coach who does not anything about coaching is with the team... He happens to be a 'bucket' of the treasurer of Women hockey federation. That is the reason that he always accompany the team. He handeled the Bangalore CEX team for last 5-6 years. For 1-2 years the CEX team was relegated from superdivision. If having the cream players of country, why was his team CEX relegated?? They could not even win against their counterparts SAI Banglore. As long as the present treasurer is there, the team will be sliding further down.. If he was a super coach why he could not get his team qualified for Olympics??
We are still sailing in the same boat..... ( 6/22/2008 5:51:21 PM)
I think we are still sailing in the same boat which the old committee had sunk. There has been no hasteness in moving forward. Occupying the ad-hoc committee chairs, they seem to run out of ideas... They just organised a memorable match for themselves. But what about the future developments?? Are they planning on the following- 1. Whats the problem in appointing a new coach now rather than waiting for Junior Asia cup to be over. Time lost will never return.... 2. Whoever is the new coach? will he not get an opportunity to watch the youngsters in Junior Asia cup? 3. He (coach) will be having ample time to plan for the future course of actions... 4. He will also have ample time in getting his support staff ready for the course of actions, rather than demanding them when the camp is going on...If not he will be knowing the support staff only at camp venue. 5. Normally every camp in India whether hockey or other sports, at least it will take to trigger 1 week to start the programmes due to lack of balls in camp (SAI), accomodation (SAI), food (normally every camp there would be a shortage of food for first 10 days- hence no one talks and everyone is forced to adjust to either SAI mess or the magnanamus caterer) , acclamatization of players, etc. 6. Players and supportive staff can book their tickets early to the venue of camps if things are planned early rather than calling for instance camp. 7. Scientific support from SAI could be done as and when the players arrive in the camp. 8. Moreover a detailed programme for the camp could be planned well ahead enough , rather than counting day to day programmes on finger tips. Though the junior camp has started - I dont even think any of the 5 ad-hoc committee members have rushed to Hyderabad to sort out the initial problems? if any... I even found no press information regarding the camp in the local press (Hyderabad) other than which was available on S2h. This shows lack of professionalism from the ad-hoc committee in steering things in the camp. Hope that things will work well if you are in position to take immediate steps, especially in appointing a national coach or is that the 5 members are doing in-fighting to take over the hot seat as national coach?????. If things are not working well, it will not be surprising to see another chapter of disaster in Indian hockey
Appoint professionals - not Olympians ( 6/19/2008 5:07:19 PM)
To add to your flop list of Olympians - 2 times champions trophy hockey coach - MP Ganesh. Later he was miserable in adminsitration too.
One more correction -regading Ignace first interna ( 5/27/2008 7:34:45 PM)
Dear Armugham saab, Ignace first intenational tournament was in 2001, 4 nations Akbhar el-yom hockey in Egypt which India won. Following he also played Azlan shah in Kuala Lumpur. His third senior was champions challenge hockey tournament again in Kuala Lumpur (where he was diagnosed with dengue and admitted in hospital in Kuala Lumpur).
Appoint Professionals - not Olympians ( 5/27/2008 4:44:36 PM)
Dear Arumugma, I read your story with interst and amusement. It is true that many of the past olympians when provided with chance to train the national team have failed. You have also backed your argument with listing out the names and their failure. Your sound argument may be right for the present because none of our olympians pursued the hockey coaching as professionals. The reason being it was not paying and remunerative in India. But this is not the case with Europe and Oceanic countries. A few of the foreign renowned names that you have mentioend took hockey coaching as thier profession and hence they pursued with all seriousness and learned various nuances with alacrity. Fortunately, for our olympians in this country, they are blessed with good jobs and they would not dare an attempt to earn their livilihood from hockey coaching. A few of the olympians who are econimically sound perhaps can try their hand as thorogh professionals. Until such time this happens I fully agree
Ignace-s firt International tournament ( 5/26/2008 4:41:34 PM)
Mr. Armugham, there is a small correction. Though Ignace was selected for Champions challenege hockey at Kuala Lumpur, which India eventually won in 2001. Prior to the tournament he was diagnosed with dengue and admitted in hospital in Kuaala Lumpur. Hence I do not if you could count it as his caps though his name figured in the match sheet for 18 players.
A.K. Bansal's Interview with stick2 ( 5/21/2008 4:28:14 PM)
Dear Arumgham, I just read the interview condcuted by you with Mr.A.K. Bansal. He was frank and convincing. While appreciating his success, i wanted him to be more focussed and get into learning process for the big assignment especially when Ric is around. My point here is that no coach should be complacent and self praising. In my view no coach would be able to produce good results without good players available with him. Hence, his concentration should be to produce good pldyers first and thereafter, expected results would follow. I am also happy that Bansal acknowledged the small positive role played by Ric in Ipoh. he was blessed to have a person of stature like Ric. Bansal has been toiling with hockey players in their formative years. It is nice to see that he is graduating and getting his accalim. Hope he places his head firmly on his shoulders and move confidently without getting into any controversy by giving unwanted statements. A word of advice to him is that suc
reg Indian hockey ( 5/20/2008 1:06:06 PM)
Dear Arumugham, Your unsapped energy and thirst for perenninal hockey news surprises me. I am a regular visitor to your site and also to your writings in print media.You have now gained acclaimed stature in hockey reporting. Your watch dog role on hockey related matters is acting as eye opener to many hockey lovers like me. Continue your good works and your unbiased reporting is the one that everyone likes it. Kannan Krishnamurthy Bangalore.
Sandeep again back to his top form ( 5/19/2008 9:13:28 AM)
Pakistan Coach Naved Alam said to edition of S2h that he had studied Sandeep singh minutely in his PC skills and India cannot score goals through PC's. But he had to shut his mouth after the match when India did win the game through PC's. I am sure the Pakistani coach made this statement inorder to psychologically let down Sundeep. But I am sure that there is a difference in studying the tactical aspect of a individual and technical aspects. The variability in tactical aspects can be studied. But it is really difficult for a goalkeeper to guess what kind of variation a PC spealist is going to do? especially when defining the defensive roles to goalkeeper and each player in the defense during PC's. Because a slight fake actions thats brought about by the drag flicker can cause a damage in defining the defense startegies. Sandeep's variablity with his speed is a decisive fator which can beat any goalkeepers in the world. While considering the pitch at Ipoh, indeed it was bumpy except
War of words with Pakistan coach on sandeep singh ( 5/15/2008 4:28:12 PM)
Primarily Pakistanis are only talkers and they are never any achievers. Though they have the software to analyse, but I am sure that they do not know the art of analysing. They are like a monkey having a ball in their hand. Does not know what to do with it? It is highly difficult for them to stop Sandeep singh. I am quite sure that he will score goals if India gets at least a couple of PC's. Let us wait and see... I am quite sure Pakistan will have to bow their heads before sandeep singh and go out of the field after the game.
ex,coveragwe of past indian hockey ( 5/9/2008 10:48:11 AM)
editor's note ( 5/7/2008 9:48:06 PM)
It is really good the images of Kazan has been displaed. I have also seen you in the day3 image. From the day4 the images were not coming. with regards velan
Carvalho again does his acts of stupidity ( 5/7/2008 6:38:03 AM)
The players who landed from Australia's 4 nation did not have a clue if they were to play Azaln shah or not. It is said that Carvalho over ruled the IOA selection committee's team and has selected team of his choice in the KL Airport. What standing does IOA's new set of selction committee members have if Carvalho does acts of his choice. Remember he is only an observer in this tournament. Will AK Bansal have any say in coaching if this type of attitude is shown by Carvalho and his lingering with the team????
Carvalho Thank you.... It is enough..... ( 5/2/2008 9:13:59 AM)
Carvalho we thank you for having plunged Indian hockey to greater depths. Now we understand the loss in Chile was no fluke and it really was a loss. Is that in 4 nation Australia too did the umpires manager/tournament director called the boys late in the night to warn them??? Is it because of that Indian teams losing to China when it matters most or loosing to south Korea with a margin 5-2. If you are loosing then you no need to go as a coach of Indian hockey team - even the grounds man of SAI can take the team and make them play better than you and the great assistant coach Ramesh Parameshwaran (computer savvy).. What this guy is doing in Australia? Is he trying to Bay watch or capture the tournament directors late night activities? The PC expert coach requires a permanent chair to be planted in the hockey turf for effective supervision of PC boys... Carvalho and gang. Thank you very much. Now at least go and run some Indian resturant and take the other two guys as cheffs.... That wil
One of the best site ( 4/30/2008 6:33:22 PM)
Dear Editor , Thanks for this fantastic site. Though I like cricket , but my heart n my my soul is for Hockey as it is my National Game. My sincere thanks to all of you from for making such a wonderful site. I PROMISE YOU I WILL TRY MY BEST n WILL GIVE MY ULTIMATE EFFORT TO MAKE THIS SITE POPULAR . Regards, Samarjeet
Bechari Hockey ( 4/26/2008 10:12:03 PM)
still carvelho has not learned the lessons, he has taken some stupid players to Australia for 4 nation tournament.i'm unable to imagine even, what he wants to do? i think he has pulled up his socks tofinish the Indian hockey.
Who should BE IN INDIAN HOCKEY FEDERATION ( 4/23/2008 8:05:39 AM)
Kaushik struggles with Oldies ( 4/23/2008 4:13:49 AM)
Kaushik seems to be fond of Oldies in the team. A girl who was thrown out 5 years back is brought in again since she is doing a diploma course in coaching? How stupid it is..... He also try to do the same in 1998 when he pulled in Sanjiv Kumar (PSB) for the 1998 Asian Games. But Sanjiv was of course playing then. But for Pritam other than running an academy - the intense course of playing ???? results in distater of team. Will it be another golden boot or diamond boot for Kaushik this time from IWHF??? Let us watch and see....
Good Wishes ( 4/13/2008 1:17:27 PM)
ALAS !!!!! Finaly you have changed the looks of ur site. Good Show- Keep it up Ajay
hockey, our beloved sport ( 4/13/2008 12:40:13 PM)
Mine is only a suggestion. More on players, less on politics. Otherwise, the effort is commendable
Good ( 4/13/2008 11:54:41 AM)
Informations provided and every thing is good and its very useful for Hockey lovers
New s2h out look ( 4/13/2008 9:38:25 AM)
Nice to see few changes in the web design brought about by s2h. Special kudos to Mr. Armugham. Hope so new design would also bring new out looks, changes and developments in hockey and create greater intrests and motives for the spectators, coaches and players to strive and regain the glory that we have lost in the wake of recent debacle in Chile.
Nice website ( 4/11/2008 10:21:07 PM)
Nice Website is good one. Keep it up.. Nice....