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Indian Hockey Player
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Dhyan Chand - Indian Hockey Team
Dhyan Chand  

Dhyan Chand

Name : Dhyan Chand

Caps : 100 plus

Goals : 1000 plus

Greatest Indian player Dhyan Chand and his legacy has bee overlooked, his contribution sidelined as Government of India is yet to confer him the highest civilian award Bharat Ratna.

Even a common man knows and values the great player, greatest human being, all his feats and their historical significance

If he is not awarded Bharat Ratna not before it will be physically handed over to another player on republic Day this year, it will mark saddest day for Indian polity, Indian society and for all ethics this oldest civilization stood for, stands for.

Nowadays nothing comes without public pressure, and it is what sports lovers lack in India today.

There is a need to reverse the trend, and stand for getting the great players his due

Bharat Ratna, on time and first, will be's appeal to Indian public.

Let us stand together, work together and get the honour of Dhyan Chand restored.