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Kishen Lal - Indian Hockey Team
Kishen Lal  

Kishen Lal 1948 Olympic Captain

Name : Kishen Lal

Caps : 20 +

Goals : 35 +

Kishen Lal was the senior most player in the 1948 Olympic team, which rattled the British team in the final at their home to romp home Independent India's first Olympic gold. Sport of hockey produced the historic moment for the nation that was in the making.

Kishen was the captain of the team. A great motivator, mature and performer, its his approach and attitude that helped immensely for India to make the history 70 years ago at London's Wembley.

He played for the Indian Railways, and hailed from Madhya Pradesh.

Great player of his times, Durga Prasad of Central Provinces, moulded him in the formative years.

He was part of the Indian team that toured the East Africa a year ago in 1947