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Appoint Professionals - not Olympians ( 5/27/2008 4:44:36 PM) Kannan Krishnamurthy
Dear Arumugma, I read your story with interst and amusement. It is true that many of the past olympians when provided with chance to train the national team have failed. You have also backed your argument with listing out the names and their failure. Your sound argument may be right for the present because none of our olympians pursued the hockey coaching as professionals. The reason being it was not paying and remunerative in India. But this is not the case with Europe and Oceanic countries. A few of the foreign renowned names that you have mentioend took hockey coaching as thier profession and hence they pursued with all seriousness and learned various nuances with alacrity. Fortunately, for our olympians in this country, they are blessed with good jobs and they would not dare an attempt to earn their livilihood from hockey coaching. A few of the olympians who are econimically sound perhaps can try their hand as thorogh professionals. Until such time this happens I fully agree