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Funny Seminar ( 9/5/2008 7:29:44 PM) stoneman
I happened to go through an article in Hindu (05-09-08) on Kaushik stating that people should respect yester years heroes.If they have to respected they should contribute further to the sports rather than play politics. What have they contributed? How many of them have contributed? One Olympian pulls the leg of other? One coach pulls the leg of other? A couple of them are doing something for hockey. But what about others? Unless they are given a job of national coach - they dont even turn up to grounds. Have they organised any seminar for coaches who are really working on the field? Can they contribute any article constructive enough on hockey, skill, training, tactics, latest trends, etc.? No doubt yester year Olympians played well then. But now they could have contributed more specifically in terms seminars and conducting research and aiding national coaches. What happened to Carvalho? He is nowehere to be seen in the field? What about MP Singh who assisted Carvalho (the PC specialist)? You want even find their dust on the field. What they accept only hot seats? Why not they are continuing their job as a coach? Another hockey person/olympian who was head of SAI teams wing for sometime... what did he do to improve hockey? He himself to meet his own ends compromised on his ellow staff in channeling hockey in the right direction. Comon Olympians - by talking somethings like playing yester years in grass, and respecting heroes are not accepted by the new generation. They would like to see people in action rather than just talking. They want to see the yester year heroes on the ground rather than sitting on a TV channel and singing same old songs. How can you expect a team to win laurels without working to achive them. Winning a second place in 3rd rated Azlanshah hockey tournament this year is no merit at all. You provide opportunities for players, facilities and right nourishement in terms of skill and fitness, the product will be wonderful. The academies all over India are filled with capable and quality players, channel them in the right direction under right people. But just clean up the mess of feeding overage players in junior and sub junior sections. The standard will be much better. Our hockey is not wounded as stated by Jagbir Singh. But the Olympians are digging graveyard for hockey, and still lamenting with past glory. US are no more on top of medal tally - the Chinese have super-seeded them. Kaushik and fellow Olympians - ask the former heroes to walk into the hockey field rather than marching on the streets of Delhi. Strive to achieve the laurels rather than lamenting on it. If not this lament will lasts for ever.