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Hockey India - an authoritatian and arbitrary action by IOA ( 6/7/2009 3:07:54 PM) Kannan Krishnamurthy
Dear Editor, some of us who are in the game of hockey as Administrators are aware that a unfied hockey body should be in a place and that there is no two opinion in this regard. But what is being objected to is the way it was formed which is unconstituional and illegal. It is ridiculous to note that a sports body has been constituted without constituents to it. Why IOA thought it to keep the matter hide and seek. What prevented IOA in having a transparent dialogue with the affiliated units of both men and women.One is forced to suspect the move of IOA. Even at the time of forming Hockey India, IOA could have invloved elected hockey state units representatives of both men and women by inclduing their names and that perhaps could have atleast sent a positive signal and good intention.But what IOA has done is bringing in borowed persons from other games as if there is a shortage of talents of hockey administrator. IOA by its unilateral and unethical action, has created chaos and turmoil in the country. It should find a way out to come out of this crisis created by its own selfish officials. IOA should have positive mind to do the course correction and threatening through respective State olympic body would not seve the purpose. Hope IOA takes the cognizance of the FIH letter in its true spirit and ensure that all the affilaited units are invloved. For this start the exercise afresh by providing proper platform and atmosphere to the affilaited units. Buldozing would not do and that can only lead to the courts. Let them be well reminded of the Kolkota High court judgement on the logo issue. IOA should show magnaminity and true sportsman spirit in handling the so called Hockey India matter in a spirit of good comrardrie. A moot qustion is that will they do ? I doubt because by now every Indian is aware of thier hidden agenda - world cup / common wealth game. Sports Ministry also appears to be fishing in the troubled waters. Hope it comes clean by advising IOA to see the reason and restore the sanity. Kannan Krishnamurthy Secretary Karnataka State Hockey Association Bangalore