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Hockey India - struggling to firm up its structure ( 1/31/2010 10:37:35 PM) KannanKrishnamurthy
Dear Editor, I have in my letter dated the 6th July 2009 to you, has cautioned that Hockey India should be fair and true in its dealings and added that if any erroneous decisions taken would lead to the doors of Courts. Exactly that is what are being witnessed now. Hockey India should do soul searching and introspection as to why the entire exercise of its has fallen like a pack of cards and they will find te answer. No one can achieve positive result if the intention is otherwise than fair and level playing. with plethora of court cases, I have my own doubt whether the elected hockey india body would be in place soon. Hockey India should stop fighting with sports minsitry and instead make efforts to win all the affiliated units by its well intention /action. Today hockey has not reached a stage to afford a confronttion with sports ministry. The birth of Hockey India itself is a faulty one and continue to falter at every step that it takes. Sadly FIH and Sports Mistry too needs to be faulted for their hasty decision of giving affilaition / recognition. If these two bodies, have not accorded affilaiton / recognition, no one would have joined Hockey India. I sincerely appeal to Hockey India to change its style of functioning, be fair and true and do not think of hoisting itself at pedestal in an undemocratic manner and by employing arm twisting means through the state olympic associations. Hockey India is meant for the people who have manged the hockey sport over a period and certainly not meant to be occupied by the people of other games. KannanKrishnamurthy, Hon. Secretary, Karnataka State Hockey Association.