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How to make payment to Women Hockey ( 1/24/2010 9:53:12 PM) Krishnamurti
Sir: I would like to make the appeal below- please publish- as I have lost my username and password- and requested you for a reset- but I assume you folks are busy. Please send me the username and password when you can- so I can login myself and post. I just donated $100.00- to the bank account just set up by four India Womens Hockey players- and I feel good about it! Please do what you can and give freely to the cause of Indian Hockey. India has traditionally underpaid and shortchanged it's national team hockey players-both Men & Women. It's time more people are aware that the power to change that also lies with the common hockey lover. It's simple enough- just make an online remittance- for example google "online remittance by HDFC Bank" its an Indian bank which permits online remittances to bank accounts in India- set up an account and send money- all pretty quick. The initial set up needs the bank to confirm you are an authentic person- after that it is quick- and I'm sure many banks offer this service. Happy donating to the cause of the poor Indian Womens Hockey team! Bala Krishnamurthy