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Indian hockey ( 2/10/2009 9:13:12 PM) R. Toor
Dear Editor, The debacle in administering Hockey in India is so sad to watch. I have had the privilege of attending the F.I.H course with Harendra in Perth, who attended the master course with Rajinder. In the intervening period, India appointed 3 coaches, over a period of 4 years. It is surprising to hear that an F.I.H instructor, rather than an active hands on International coach, is being appointed for the run up to the World Cup. I work in England, and people should note that England’s painful progress is based on a stable coaching structure. An Olympic cycle is not long enough for a coach, and his team, to make an impact at International Level. India has vast resources, and innovative and dedicated athletes. Sadly it would appear, that it is the administrators, that need to take a greater responsibility in directing the sport. Not to have established continuity in administration, and in coaching appointments, is the greatest failure of all. India needs help in this particular role …in Sports administration. With its World Class teaching institutions in management, surely changes can be made. Its nieve to think that conflicting views of Ex Internationals, career civil servants, local politicians and regional hockey interest groups can ever direct the sport.
Perhaps a Corporate Sponsor can impose a world class structure as a pre requiste to its involvement. Its however unlikely to happen, in this climate, of financial doom and gloom. Its equally unlikely that India could return to a podium finish with a Spanish appointee …….Hockey cultural differences, the language, and India’s recent failures cannot be addressed by a Master Coach that has played no role in the successful Spain Men’s (Dutch Coached) team. Pedigree is essential, and if Charlesworth was over looked, this smacks of dumbing down India’s needs!
India is capable enough with her home produced athletes and coaches and medical support staff. What you need is a period way from your administrators, replaced by world class specialists recruited from the many World Class Organisations within India. Hockey is poorer in entertainment value at world class events without the Indians. We need you back, and soon!