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Misconcept on match fixing ( 6/28/2008 12:50:58 PM) Jaggi
I find that the press persons in Malaysia does not know hockey and they do not know how to spell out the problem when it comes out in press. Malaysians had 1 won against New Zeland and 2-0, drawn with Canada 2-2, Lost to Pakistan 3-2, Lost to Aregentina 5-0, Lost to Belgium 4-2 and Lost to India 2-1. They had only 4 points to their credit and were last in the round robin league. Pakistan was one of the team to enter into the finals as they had 10 points from 6 matches. India had 9 points from 5 matches and their last league match was against Malaysian and had to win to enter the finals. Indians did play the game well and could have easily scored many goals. Whereas Malaysians scored their only goal against India was after the hooter through PC). The Indian as they were leading 2-0 at the time of hooter, did not put much effort to stop the PC which Malaysia had scored. I feel that is the only time Indians took things lightly. And it is quite obvious that, as they had already won the match, conceeding 1 goal through PC was incosequence to the team standing and qualification to finals. Further avoiding injuries or any untoward incidence - that is the time Malaysia scored the goal. Even then the final ranking of Malaysia in this tournament was no.7. What could India benefit then on fixing match when their team did not perform throughout the tournament well. The Malaysians now claim that match fixing was done among the Malaysian senior and junior players when they played the last match against India. This could be more appropriate, as it is understood that most of the Malaysian hockey players are not employed unlike in India or In Pakistan where they are employed if they play hockey to certain level. The Malaysian played do get paid by their association and national sports council. Only few of them are employed, whereas the majority of players are students or do not even strive to get employed. Hence, there tendency for players to squander their money that they receive is only through betting among themselves. I think, thats is the real truth that the players must have indulged. Moreover Malaysian hockey has been undergoing mixed reactions from the public after it failed to qualify for 2008 Olympics. Hence, they got to burst their tears through some forum and that is what happening now. Had it been match fixing, they would have put the entire blame on Indian players and coaching officials. Hence we are lucky that this issue theirs and not an issue for Indian players.