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Sad state of affairs in women hockey ( 6/26/2008 4:35:22 PM) Kalappa
Haryana government and the sports department where MK Kaushik works must have realized that Kaushik does not know how to coach? Perhaps thats the reason they are not releasing him from his office.... Moreover Kaushik did not do any wonders in his coaching... He could not plan any programme nor could deliver anything in training. If you go through his book he has mentioned about few exchange bouts among players and indiscipline exhibited by some of the players who played 1998 Asian Games. Then how can people claim that he kept the whole team under one umbrella?? Haryana government must have studied his 'Golden boot'. I think his book itself has kicked him. Presently sad to see his assistant coach who does not anything about coaching is with the team... He happens to be a 'bucket' of the treasurer of Women hockey federation. That is the reason that he always accompany the team. He handeled the Bangalore CEX team for last 5-6 years. For 1-2 years the CEX team was relegated from superdivision. If having the cream players of country, why was his team CEX relegated?? They could not even win against their counterparts SAI Banglore. As long as the present treasurer is there, the team will be sliding further down.. If he was a super coach why he could not get his team qualified for Olympics??