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2018 World Cup News
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China in Ireland out, its how it turned out in WC (12/7/2018)
--s2h Team
The site has predicted how China is on the verge of outwitting either England or Ireland to sneak into the cross over phase irrespective its last pool match pending. The formality was today completed in a dramatic fashion in which China had no hand, except benefitting.


After Australia has white-washed China 11-0 in the first match of Day 10, traditional foes Ireland and England played their last pool match. There was much at stake for both teams. The situation was that the loser will be knocked out of the competition while draw will put both in the cross over phase, leaving sensational China in lurch.


As it turned out, Ireland lost steam when counted in the third quarter to handover the match to England. It went down 2-4. The last goal was struck by England with Irish playing kick-packer, meaning without goalkeeper. In this risky phase, Mark Gleghorne slotted a goal off a penalty corner when England got it just four seconds left in the clock. This goal meant nothing, except accentuating the English dominance, as the outcome had already been decided.


The turning point of the otherwise evenly played match was when England could shock the Irish with two freehit deflections in a space of two minutes. Both goals were scored in a same fashion: a strong free hit from right flank quickness of which stunned the FIH Goalkeeper award winning goalie David Harte.

Standing in front of David, first Liam Ansell deflected and the next one was accomplished by James Hall. The latter's goal turned out to be crucial simply because the Irish nullified Ansell's goal in the same minute with an immaculate penalty corner conversion by Shane O'Donoghue.

England took lead in the fag end of first quarter through David Condon. The lead survived another twenty minutes till Chris Cargo banged a goal in the 35th minute. The lively third quarter settled the issue of winner.

With two draws, China had a point more than Ireland. Despite a heavy loss today, its China's day today.

One can easily pity for the Irish team that lost its campaign when failed to garner full points against China. A team that lost 0-11 is sitting in the cross over bench. This aspect will keep the worthiness of the format in fire for days to come.

Photo: Avtar Bhurji

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