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Qutab Coterie’s Moral Thuggary: Hockey a Mockery (6/4/2009)
--K.. Arumugam
Qutab Coterie’s Moral Thuggary: hockey a mockery

SATIRE: One fine morning President of Utopian State had a dream on India. The self-proclaimed Head of the Universal States called some of his close friends, asked them to, say, merge the State of Andhra Pradesh with Punjab for whatever reasons. People were told this is what Japan president Leonachi Nagamachi wanted Indian president Supnesh Kalwandi to do otherwise Japan will not allow Puskar Festival to take place in India.

President’s friends had a loyal Marium Marati, he scribbled whatever is required for registering a new state. The new state was called New Hondia. They themselves nominated fattest among them as its Chief Minister, chowkidars and watermen of their farm houses as defence and Water Resources ministers. Called a press conference and announced “New Hondia”. “We disaffiliated Punjab and Andhra” thundered Kalwandi. According to him, the states of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh do not exist. When pressman asked uneasy questions, they were requested to take tea.

“You can make merry with Meridien tea, as we make curry out of Punjab and Andhra”, whispered a biggie.

Next day morning the stake holders of those State were told they were consulted for forming the new Body when they were sleeping. They were told some of those Member of Parliament and Member of Legislative Assembly (MPs and MLAs) are already made ministers of New Hondia. “You see for yourself, Your own Nagendra Katra, second fattest among us, is the Finance Minister”, they reasoned, thundered and silenced others.

Not even in Idi Amins’ Uganda, not even in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, in Mussolini’s Italy such a thing would have been possible.

But it is possible in Incredible India.

The people who sit in different floors of Olympic Bhawan, located in Qutab Institutional Area, in New Delhi thought this is the only way to save mockey, save Pushkar Festival, save our honour.

You sit in the first floor, ok you are president of New Hondia. You sit in the second floor, you are secretary, achcha you sit in fourth floor, you are vice president. Oh, we should not dominate. Take X , who after is shouting for long, as our treasurer. Oh God, we have forgotton one thing. There should be one lady also.

Madhya Stokes, now is worried about bad apple harvest in her garden than even her pet game of politics, was thus roped in. She thought it is better way to beat the apple recession. And also the Opposition Leader in Himachal Pradesh Assembly thought, for once, why to oppose everything.

“You see I can also support something despite the fact that Moniaji made me the Opposition Leader. After all Supnesh Kalwandi is from my party, like me he also won the election recently”, the suave lady, 90 plus, came out openly and supported New Hondia.

Tomorrow we will tell all these MLAs and MPs to merge at their level. Because men and women can no longer vote, only the genderless, formed out of organ fusion, can.

Why vote, after every chowkidar and waterman had already been made the ministers”, a press man pressed for answer.

“They will vote after six years or six decades, because their organs are old and it takes time to fuse, you know. Then our courts will deliver whether they are really fused or not”, one of the newly born ministers not wished to be named, confided to, your favourite website.

The whole things is Qutab coterie’s thuggary or not we don’t know. What we know for sure is it is mockery of civil society. If this is the cost you pay for hosting Puskar Festival, we can be better off without Puskar and Kiskar. Let it go to Sulanate of Solasia.

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