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Handle captaincy issue with care (2/7/2010)
--K.. Arumugam
We had enough of negativity. Now the scale, and the frequency of it is emerging dangerously to engulf the World Cup itself.

The latest on the issue is captaincy

Anybody who watched the scene since Jose Brasa took up the coaching job, would vouch safe for the fact that he has been trying to change certain things, and was with good intention, though one might not agree with all of them. Still, he has been paid for that, it is only fair if we learn to accept his decisions.

The latest on the hot burner is captaincy.

Captaincy is one issue, we were told, it is being experimented.

In a recent Test series, each match had a different captain. And it was also seen each tour have a different captain.

On that basis, if the chief coach announces another person than Rajpal Singh is the leader now, it should be considered continuity of his approach.

However, if the air is to be believed, its Hockey India that hasn't accepted his continuity of policy. Of course they fired from the shoulders of usual Selection Committee, opted for continuity of leadership. That it was done as Rajpal was considered pliable and pro-administration is a different issue.

He also made four vice captains. All those,as the caps record this site maintains, are seniors. Let him try what he wants to achieve by this.

The reverse stand taken by Hockey India, of keeping Rajpal after Prabhjot has been named so in the team meeting, does not infuse confidence to both coach and the team.

Hockey India is not a collective body, its just two three people. They should not here see a chance for any personal vendetta.

Insofar as this site is concerned, the leadership for the World Cup should be vied between Arjun Halappa and Prabhjot Singh, not a greenhorn like Rajpal Singh. We will deal this issue more in the days to come.

We also hope Prabhjot Singh stays in the camp and his views are given a thought.

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This team is a crap...
by Truth Only on 2/8/2010 3:16:25 PM
Author has presented a very lighter version of the whole topic. Other news items state that Prabhjot may not even play if not made the captain. Although the players demands for salaries were well justified but this is a only a vested interest demand! It's for the coach and HI to sort out! Be it Rajpal or Prabhjot, it shouldn't matter to either of them. They CAN'T speak or express disgruntlement because they aren't entitled to feel so. However that surely is not the case. The reports also indicate that there are problems between Brasa and 'other' coach. No marks for guessing who is this 'other' coach - many people debate he is the one who has been providing background music amongst all the vocals. The team doesn't need Brasa now. They need good luck because luck only, and not performace, will decide this team's fate in WC. This is just the begining anyhow of this crap

by Editor Arumugam on 2/9/2010 8:47:40 PM
Dear message writer. I welcome views on the site, and I thank u for this. I wish to clarify certain things with reagrd to your comments. Yes, this article is a lighter version, no doubt about that. Because I mentioned in the last but one para that I will deal this issue more in the days to come. we have no views whether coaches are in unison or not. We presume all is well there. Captaincy should be sorted out between coahces and HI. You have rightly mentioned that. But both seem to be not on the same wavelength. As far as my opinion on this issue is, coach has to give the results and therefore he should take major decision on technical matter. Captain is considered leader of the team, therefore, it should be handled with care. Coach is with the team last six months, and he has been experiementing on this score. If he feels at the peak of his experiement, a senior most player should be at the top, I feel, coach Bras is right. For long, the captaincy has been mismanaged by the officials, done either casually or as a tool to punish the player who does not play ball with them. Most of the other views of your are based on reports published in popular media, we have not on our own did not do much work due to other workloads. Like you, I also wish the team success. I will never never call any of our National team a crap, this attitude is wrong