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Archives for August 2018
WCW:When India played its first women World Cup (8/2/2018)
-K.. Arumugam
HISTORY: Indian women's hockey too has a rich legacy, but was only eclipsed by the unique supremacy...
WCW:Walia: It's time our girls begin enjoying thei (8/2/2018)
-Errol D’Cruz
There's bound to be a touch of nostalgia, anxiety and and not a little pain in the eyes when Satinde...
WCW: Ireland relish Indian's slow pace, wins semi (8/2/2018)
-s2h team
Both teams were on the verge of making their own history in different perspective, but it was Irelan...
WCW: Irish eyes smiling through thick and thin (8/5/2018)
-s2h team
It would be unfair to term Ireland's march into the final of the Women's Hockey World Cup a miracle....
WCW: All smiles for Europe, every medal and everyt (8/5/2018)
-s2h Team
Nothing has changed for good. Forty four years ago, Wilman Koopman lifted the World Cup on its maide...
Straight shootouts need a rethink (8/9/2018)
-Errol D’Cruz

Remember extra-time?

This protracted struggle in a kn...

1948: Series on London Olympic Hockey Gold (8/11/2018)
-K. Arumugam
Hockey presented Independent India's first Olympic Gold, way back in 1948. The team led by right win...
1948: Two Living Legends, salute them (8/12/2018)
-K. Arumugam
Sports is not without stars. Its stars who make sports dazzle, forever. Here in India we have two im...
Unsung Heroes of 1948 Gold (8/14/2018)
-K. Arumugam
"Indeed to my mind if a special souvenir was to be awarded to any one player, who contributed mos...
Asian Games STAT (M & W) (8/19/2018)
-s2h Team
WOMEN: INDIA Vs CHINA in Asian Games

Matches played: 7
India won: 1
Drawn: ...

Asiad 2018: W Debutant Indonesia blocks Indian sur (8/19/2018)
-s2h team
When the schedule was announced, it was expected that the top seed India will crush the lowest ranke...
A record 17 goals win for India at Jakarta (8/20/2018)
-s2h team
Indian men today defeated Indonesia 17-0 in its Asian Games opener, which is its best ever margin o...
Mighty fall of Kazakhstan at hockey (8/21/2018)
-K. Arumugam
When the mighty USSR broke in the mid 1990s, many of the splinter nations preferred to join Asia for...
86 year old record broken (8/22/2018)
-s2h Team
India struck 24-1 against USA 86 years ago. This was the biggest score for India. It stood till toda...
Walsh: Multiple 'peaks' in a year not possible (8/24/2018)
-s2h Team
Terry Walsh: Multiple 'peaks' in a year not possible

Every four years, Asian hockey teams have...

jae Jung: We are a strong team, you will see (8/24/2018)
-s2h Team
He stands like ramrod. Eyes sparkling. Even as he sweeps away beads of sweat, it doesn't give an ide...
India equals its 1958 record against Japan (8/24/2018)
-s2h Team
Facing first hard challenger in the ongoing Asian Games in Jakarta, India again showcased a flawless...
Even without queen, Indians are queens at Jakarta (8/25/2018)
-s2h Team
Indian captain Rani (queen in her mother tongue) was injured and did not play full match. Yet, the e...
Even without queen, Indians are queens at Jakarta (8/25/2018)
-s2h Team
Indian captain Rani (queen in her mother tongue) was injured and did not play today when India took ...
Interesting matches await today at Jakarta (8/25/2018)
-s2h Team
Exciting matches in men's category of field hockey await fans today in the Jakarta Asian Games. Sund...
M : India wins Vs Korea, but loses the rhythm (8/26/2018)
-s2h Team
Indian juggernaut did not roll smoothly today despite initial indications sounded otherwise. Startin...
Thailand restraint India to 5-0 (8/27/2018)
-s2h Team
Playing under hot and humid conditions, Indian girls struggled in the entire first half before strik...
India-China semi-final in the Asian Games (8/27/2018)
-s2h Team
India will take on Japan in the semi-final of the Asian Games hockey chapter. In the last match of t...
Asia's long term vision often short term for coach (8/28/2018)
-K. Arumugam
Three translators for English. Weekly two sessions for English learning. Four support staff imports ...
Indian teams are dominant so far (8/29/2018)
-s2h team
Never before in the history of Asian Games hockey, both the Indian mens' and women's hockey teams ha...
W: India quells Chinese challenge, in Asiad final (8/29/2018)
-s2h Team
Today was India's National Sports Day. Indian girls celebrated the way it should be: giving nation a...
W SF : Not a great game Vs China, but a great resu (8/30/2018)
-K. Arumugam
It took long time for the Indian girls to return to the dug out. First, the eleven players celebrate...
India-Malaysia semi-final stat and sensitivity (8/30/2018)
-s2h Team
Statistics support Indian supremacy, but sensitivity is not. India and Malaysia hockey affairs in me...
Malaysia stuns depending Champions India (8/30/2018)
-s2h Team
Malaysia first and then Japan dished out a kind of fare not seen so far in the history of Asian Game...
Whiff of fresh air in Asian hockey (8/30/2018)
-K. Arumugam
It happened recently. Two unexpected teams clashed in the FIFA World Cup. And in our own sport, Rio ...