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Archives for February 2004
Message from the IOC President (2/22/2004)
-Dr. Jacques Rogge
With the publication of “The International Hockey Year Book 2003”, author K. Arumugam makes an im...
ACW 2007: Asia Cup First Day Highlights (2/1/2004)
41 goals have been scored, majority of them field goals, and all the four matches ended decisive...
ACW 2007: Asia Cup Second Day Highlights (2/2/2004)
Japan created at least an Asia Cup record of highest scoring when it defeated Sri Lanka, a team c...
ACW 2007: Asia Cup Third Day Highlights (2/4/2004)
Japan faced first tough match today. After defeating Singapore and Sri Lanka with a commanding 15-...
ACW 2007: Asia Cup Fourth Day Highlights (2/7/2004)
Classification matches commenced on Friday, the fourth day of the 5th Women’s Asia Cup.


India makes mockery of FIH Rankings (2/9/2004)
The global governing body of the sport of field hockey, FIH, is known for introducing something on ...
Surajlata and Dhanraj Brand Ambassadors (2/19/2004)
-K. Arumugam
That the hockey’s profile in India is on increase is no news. What is the news now is women, fo...
The man with the golden touch (2/20/2004)
IN modern Indian hockey there has been no man better than Maharaj Kishon Kaushik who returned stup...
Helen Mary 'Protects' India (2/20/2004)
-Manuja Veerappa
FROM a little girl who took to goalkeeping because her mother thought 'It was the safest position ...
BHARAT CHETRI: Goal-Keeper in Waiting (2/20/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Bharat Chetri is a goalkeeper in waiting. He is noted for his diligence and commitment. His value ...
Sr. Nationals put off (2/20/2004)
Elections, Examinations force IHF, KSHA to re-think on the National Championship dates


INTRODUCTION (2/22/2004)
-Field Hockey Publication
The 148-page 'Top Hockey Stars 2004' gives life and times of 19 contemporary Indian Hockey Stars, ea...
IGNACE TIRKEY: Igniting the Indian Fire (2/20/2004)
-K. Arumugam
“How could you lose with a strong team like that?”

“We were never good enough on that day” <...

DHANRAJ PILLAY: The Face of Indian Hockey (2/20/2004)
Monday, the 17th March 2003. The Indian team bound for the Sultan Azlan Cup had just concluded their...
Book Release: DP Book Reviews (2/20/2004)
Some of the Reviews of Nation’s Pride Dhanraj Pillay, a book that attempts to capture the li...
DILIP TIRKEY: Humble Hero (2/20/2004)
-Rajesh Sahu
In the underprivileged hamlets of the Chotanagpur plateau that straddles the northern part of Orissa...
TEJBIR SINGH: A Tejbir Singh (2/20/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Tejbir Singh is a utility forward. He makes an impact on the proceedings on the field, when given a ...
TEJBIR SINGH: A Tejbir Singh (2/20/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Tejbir Singh is a utility forward. He makes an impact on the proceedings on the field, when given a ...
KAWALPREET SINGH: A gangling Youngster (2/20/2004)
-K. Arumugam
The thronging Indian fans at Hyderabad were tense at the halftime of the last league match between I...
BALJIT DHILLON: A Tireless All Rounder (2/20/2004)
-Alok Sinha
Baljit Singh Dhillon is a hockey player extraordinaire. Recent example: his feats in the prestigious...
DEVESH CHAUHAN: A Lion under the Cage (2/20/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Goal keeping is a thankless job, it is said. Tens of goals a goalkeeper saves do not count much bu...
VIKRAM PILLAI: Engine Room of Indian Hockey (2/20/2004)
-Errol D’Cruz
You hardly find Vikram Pillay without a smile on his face. Just as you seldom find him uninvolved ...
PRABODH TIRKEY: Carrying on an Adivasi Legacy (2/20/2004)
-S. Mageshwaran
A good four seasons ago, a cherubic, bordering on the ‘cute’, teenager from the evergreen Pamposh ...
JUGRAJ SINGH: A Jewel in the Crown (2/20/2004)
-Vineeta Pandey
September 3, 2003: Four young men were admitted to Ludhiana’s Dayanand Medical College (DMC) Hospita...
BIMAL LAKRA: A Midfield Marvel (2/20/2004)
-B. David
It’s an all-too-familiar sight in the tribal pockets of Orissa and Jharkhand. As one enters these...
GAGAN AJIT: Chasing Kites to Goals (2/20/2004)
-Prabhjot Singh
Chasing kites and playing hockey were his childhood pastimes. Hockey he certainly inherite...
SANDEEP MICHAEL: A Rising Star (2/20/2004)
Poetry in motion. That’s Sandeep Michael when in full bloom. His searing runs on the flanks, darti...
ARJUN HALAPPA: Diminutive Dyanamo (2/20/2004)
-Vijay Michaelraj
A short, frail lad packed awesome power into his reverse hits and drag flicks during the Deccan Hera...
DEEPAK THAKUR: A Fox in the Box (2/20/2004)
-Novy Kapadia
From the land of apples, snowy mountains and crystal streams, Himachal Pradesh, international spor...
BALJIT SAINI: The Utility Man (2/20/2004)
-Anand Philar
Glamour and stardom are never associated with midfielders in hockey. Perhaps, Ric Charlesworth was...
PRABHJOT SINGH: A Wily Winger (2/21/2004)
-Prof. P.S. Randhawa
As a small kid playing, hockey on his village kucha (unprepared and unleveled) grounds, Prabhjot did...
Book Release: DP Book What it deals with? (2/21/2004)
-s2h team
The Hockey Year Book 2003, that has been released recently,is second in the International Hockey Y...
VIREN RASQUINHA: Star for the Future (2/21/2004)
-Mufeed M. Rizvi
‘’Even in my wildest dream, I never thought I would be playing alongside the likes of Dhanraj Pilla...
Book Release: DP book Introduction (2/25/2004)
-Field Hockey Publications
Nation's Pride Dhanraj Pillay

Paper Pack

Pages: 90

By Field Hockey Publication


Book Release: DP book About the Author (2/23/2004)
-Field Hockey Publication
K. Arumugam has been an ardent fan of hockey. He has been writing about hockey for over a decade now...
Excerpts: Dhanraj's Early Life (2/24/2004)
-K. Arumugam

On Sunday 1st ...

Why is Zaraf Iqbal Furious? (2/25/2004)
SATURDAY 24 Feb,2001:

"Only today I came to know. Somebody in Doordarshan called me up and ...

Acclaim for Editor from Across the Shores (2/20/2004)
-s2h Team

WITH six books and a hockey website to his name, Indian freelance spo...

Interesting Pool A composition (2/29/2004)
-K. Arumugam
29.2.2004: Prospects and projections apart, Madrid Olympic Qualifier throws some interesting things....
Insulting Dhanraj is Insulting Indian Hockey (2/28/2004)
-K. Arumugam
Dhanraj Pillay has been advised by the Indian Hockey Federation to tactically announce withdrawal fr...
Success at the Athens Test Event (2/12/2004)
-FIH Press Release
The first hockey event at the Helleniko Olympic Park in Athens 4 – 8 February was a success, repo...
Greece Withdraws from Women’s Qualification Play-Off Series (2/24/2004)
-FIH Press Release
The Hellenic Hockey Federation has withdrawn its women’s national team from the Women’s Quali...
Greece to Contest Olympic Qualifying Procedure at CAS (2/20/2004)
-FIH Press Release
The Hellenic Hockey Federation has submitted a dispute to the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS)...