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Archives for February 2008
World Cup Souvenir Programm is a good work (2/21/2008)
The FIH has recently brought out a bookle named 'January, 2003 `FIH Highights'. This is a sleek pro...
'World Cup Hockey `1998' (2/21/2008)
I may be late, but only of late I had a chance to read and enjoy 'World Cup Hockey `98'. The 128-p...
Hockey's Odyssey from Dhyan Chand to Charlesworth (2/21/2008)
Trevor Vanderput has put down his vast experience of hockey in his masterpiece, "Dhyanchand to Charl...
Glory and Agony by Sardar Khan (2/21/2008)
-K. Arumugam
VISION WITH A MISSION: Rare are hockey books. Rarer are the ones with a historical bent of mind. Des...
NZ Celebrates Centenary Year in Style (2/21/2008)
I wanted to have the list of international hockey players of New Zealand. When I queried about it wi...
Bob Davidzon: Report on PROMOTING INDIAN HOCKEY (2/21/2008)
-K. Arumugam
A REP...
Column 1: The Moment of Truth (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
I have been wondering what sort of a man dared to be India's first foreign coach. I had my answer ye...
Column 2; Round One to Europe (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
You could say round one to Europe except, of course, Europeans are now coaching the Asian giants. <...
Column 3: Another nightmare (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
"A nightmare happened there", were the first words of Gerhard Rach, India's German coach, as he fac...
Column 4: Asian Rivals have been overtaken (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
So it's India v Pakistan. Much as everyone in Asia would have wished it were for a place in the fina...
Column 5: One Continent’s Lion’s Share (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
Everything seems to be static in field hockey. The list of semifinalists at Athens prove that. Thr...
Column 6: Australians produced an amazing display (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
Injuries and tiredness have taken a huge toll in Athens. India are not the only team to have suffere...
Column 7: “One of the best Olympic finals ever” (2/25/2008)
-Patrick Rowley
The question at the Athens Olympics was always going to be who could beat the Netherlands both in t...
KUHAN 1 (2/26/2008)
So near and yet so far would aptly sum up India's recent performances in the international arena. In...
KUHAN 2 (2/26/2008)
It is not surprising that India got off to a losing start considering they were playing a highly cha...
KUHAN3 (2/26/2008)
India scored a very convincing win (5-2) and I must add that they took their chances well and create...
KUHAN 4 (2/26/2008)
India has achieved its target of a podium finish. And its was a great performance considering that t...
Vintage Corner - 1 (2/26/2008)
-Sayid Hamid
Let me introduce myself first in the context of a lifelong interest in Hockey.

I started playi...

Vintage Corner - 2 (2/26/2008)
-Sayid Hamid
My first posting was as a Deputy Collector in Bijnore district of Uttar Pradesh. A suite of rooms in...
Vintage Corner - 3 (2/26/2008)
-Sayid hamid
Let us resume our account of the pilgrim's progress; after a stay of nine months in Bijnor dotted wi...
Vintage Corner - 4 (2/26/2008)
-Sayid Hamid
On the eve of independence I was transferred from Bulandshahar district that bordered on the Punjab ...
Vintage Column - 5 (2/26/2008)
-Sayid hamid
It was in mid – 1955 that I was transferred from Gorakhpur to Nainital as Additional District Magist...
Vintage Column - 6 (2/26/2008)
-Sayid Hamid
I was delighted to receive New Years Greetings from Ashok Kumar who represented Indian Hockey offenc...
kaushik set to be back at the helm (2/4/2008)
-Sandeep Narayan
Courtes Mail Today
Decks cleared for the former coach to take charge again

IF SOAP operas were to be played i...

First Women Nationals after Chak De! (2/7/2008)
-K. Arumugam
Jalandhar, in many ways our country’s hockey capital, is living upto its reputation. Second time in ...
Awards in Ranjit Cup after Hockey Icons (2/10/2008)
-K. Arumugam
When domestic tournament organizers convene press conference, the proceedings used to be routine ra...
Rajpal Singh rigid, Sardara injured. (2/12/2008)
-K. Arumugam
Winger Rajpal Singh, who is at Perth with the training Indian team, indicated his early return and ...
Awards and Accolades are galore, but... (2/13/2008)
-K. Arumugam
“Film making is perhaps one of the most collaborative things mankind has ever invented. So we are...
India Prays in Unison for Olympic Path (2/29/2008)
-K. Arumugam
‘When the world sleeps we awake’. This was how India’s first Prime Minister described India obtainin...