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Archives for October 2002
China Will be a Tough Customer (10/5/2002)
-Pritamrani Siwach
Former captain Pritamrani Siwach Writes from Busan It feels so good to be in a beautiful place li...
Chinese were swifter and stronger (10/7/2002)
-Pritamrani Siwach
It wasn't the brightest start to our campaign here. A 0-2 loss to China has not gone down well with ...
Forwards failed to deliver (10/11/2002)
-Pritamrani Siwach
Busan(South Korea): We suffered yet another loss but at least we had the satisfaction of holding Jap...
China deserved the Gold (10/12/2002)
-Pritamrani Siwach
Busan(South Korea): The best team should win the top honours, and so the Chinese. They deserved the ...
Bronze is still up for grab (10/9/2002)
-Pritamrani Siwach
Busan (South Korea): Our second consecutive loss has come as a big shock. The 5-0 scoreline has been...
Dhanraj at his best at Busan (10/10/2002)
-Suprita Das (NDTV)

I was fortunate to witness the India-Pakistan classic here at Busan. Congrats for Indians for t...

AFRO-ASIAN GAMES: Clashing Dates (10/22/2002)
Hockey was included in the Afro-Asian Games on 23rd May last year when the General Assembly of Nati...