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Archives for October 2007
-Dr. Saju Joseph
It has been serious hockey in s2h for long. And, indeed, too long. So someone in the s2h family has ...
All types of sports are popular (10/3/2007)
-Lydia Quinn
Globally, but what sports can we call THE most popular in the world? Some of the answers may surpri...
Television Scores a Point (10/1/2007)
-K. Arumugam
Normally print media’s sports writers place themselves morally above their counterparts in the telev...
Hockey Coach Baldev Singh Suspended (10/3/2007)
-K. Arumugam

Last fortnight the Indian Women Hockey Federation convened an extra-ordinary Executive Commit...

Mumbai Programmes Postponed (10/3/2007)
-K. Arumugam
Two programmes concerning the Asia Cup winning team to be held in Mumbai in the first week of this m...
-K. Arumugam
A day in the last week was well spent. Olympian MK Kaushik, who is now Deputy Director (Sports) with...
Leslie Fernandes rakes up ‘Recognition’ Issue (10/7/2007)
-K. Arumugam
Ever since national hockey coach Joaquim Carvalho rekindled the issue of recognition of winning spor...
Images from Gwalior Nationals (10/12/2007)
-K. Arumugam
The 37th Junior Women National Championship was successfully organized by the Madhya Pradesh State S...
Kaushik turns down the Chief Coach Offer, citing 'unfavourable conditions' (10/12/2007)
-K. Arumugam
Citing unfavouroable conditions existing in the women’s hockey circuit, the celebrated coach MK Kaus...
Charlesworth is all set to land in India (10/13/2007)
-K. Arumugam
Legendary player-coach Richard Charlesworth is all set to become India’s first foreign Technical Dir...
Now, an aussie to boost Indian hockey (10/14/2007)
-Sukwant Basra & Joe Williams
Courtesy: DNA
Legendary star Ric Charlesworth to get $150,000 to develop national teams

MUMBAI: Indian hoc...

Panthania returns happy after Singapore meet (10/15/2007)
-K. Arumugam
India’s Under-18 coach Romesh Panthania expressed satisfaction and happiness over his wards’ perform...
SBI’s Booty is a Record Breaker, and how (10/16/2007)
-K. Arumugam
Indian hockey players getting public adulation is not uncommon. Not so uncommon is them getting rewa...
Hak de India (10/25/2007)
No…..I m not a hockey player, no…….I m not a cricket player, I m someone like u, someone who loves t...
2007 Champions Trophy Schedule (10/29/2007)
The International Hockey Federation (FIH) released the match schedule for the 2007 Samsung Champions...
CHIMNI COLUMN 1: “Need to make changes in the Rules” (10/29/2007)
-HJS Chimni
Change is necessary for improvement. Rules for the game of hockey have gone through an evolving pro...
Column: 1 After Chak De! India, all of us are hop (10/30/2007)
-Manish Kumar
Hockey Analyst
Doctor Charlesworth, can you produce a miracle for Indian hockey? This question, will no doubt, hau...